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Never Lose Hope: A Three Strikes Defense Lawyer in Visalia CA May Be Able to Help

If you are facing a Third Strike and feel as though there is no hope for your case, resist the urge to simply give up. The truth is that the right three strikes defense lawyer in Visalia CA may be able to keep you out of prison or reduce the penalties you will face. Keep reading to find out how Chambers Law Firm can help and then contact Chambers Law Firm at 714-760-4088 for a free consultation.

Do Not Accept a Third Strike Conviction without Fighting Back

If you are convicted of a third strike, you could face many more years – even decades – in prison than you would otherwise have faced. We do not want to see you pay again for a crime you were already convicted of and penalized for – we will fight for you to not have to deal with any of the sentencing enhancements that come with a Third Strike.

The Third Crime in a Three Strikes Case Must Be Considered “Serious” or “Violent”

In order for the Third Strikes penalties to apply to a third strike, it must be a felony and the court must consider it “serious” or “violent. Some examples of Third Strike offenses that would count as a Third Strike include murder, child molestation, rape, robbery, kidnapping, certain types of assault, possession of drugs with intention to distribute, felonies in which you use a firearm, or a sexual violent crime.

Are You Innocent? We Will Work to Prove It

The best-case scenario is one in which we are able to have the charges dropped or win your case at trial. That will be our first focus. We will look closely at the evidence against to ensure that it was legally obtained. If it was not, we will petition to have it removed from the case. We will work with our own witnesses to show why are not guilty of the charge in question.

Working to Have the Charge Reduced May Be the Best Option

In the event the prosecution has a lot of evidence that you have committed the crime, we may not be able to get you found not guilty or have the charges dropped. Does this mean you are out of options? Far from it. Your third strikes defense lawyer in Visalia CA may be able to negotiate a reduced charge that does not count as a Strike.

The Removal of a Previous Strike Could Help Reduce Your Sentence

In some cases, there is a wealth of evidence and the only thing a three strikes defense lawyer in Visalia CA can do is to work to reduce the penalties. This may involve filing a Romero Motion. This is a request for the judge to remove a previous strike, thus making the strikable offense you are facing less serious in penalties.

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