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According to data from the Pew Research Center, 87 percent of American adults use the internet on a regular basis. About 50 percent of us use the internet for banking or finance, and about 58 percent shop online at least occasionally. All these activities put sensitive information like SSNs, credit card numbers, and bank account numbers out there in cyberspace where they become tempting targets for fraud or theft. Both state and federal governments have enacted laws to place real-world consequences on individuals who commit cyberspace crimes.

If you are accused of any kind of cybercrime, an internet crime attorney in Whittier CA can help. Chambers Law Firm can provide valuable counsel whether you have already been arrested or are merely a person of interest in a case.

Help for All Kinds of Internet Crimes

Many different types of criminal activity can fall under the umbrella of internet crime, so long as it took place online or via email. As your internet crime attorney in Whittier CA, Dan E. Chambers can defense against all different types of cybercrimes including:

  • Internet Fraud
  • Cyberstalking
  • Hacking
  • Identity Theft
  • Phishing
  • Data Theft
  • Online distribution of child pornography

What You Need to Know About Your Internet Crime Attorney in Whittier CA

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the task of finding the right internet crime attorney in Whittier CA? You’re right to take the decision seriously, as your future hangs in the balance. Start by checking on the following key points you need to know about any internet crime attorney in Whittier CA you may want to hire:

Background: It’s vital for your attorney to not only be a qualified professional in good standing with the state Bar Association, but also have a detailed understanding of the specific charges involved in your case. Dan E. Chambers meets both requirements. He has been practicing law for over 20 years and has a detailed understanding of both state and federal laws that apply to internet crimes.

Reputation: When it comes to evaluating the reputation and track record of an internet crime attorney in Whittier CA, you don’t want to rely on the attorney’s own word. Instead, check their reputation with former clients you may know personally or on attorney review sites. Dan E. Chambers has a perfect 10.0 rating on Avvo and has won multiple Avvo Clients’ Choice Awards.

Availability: The last thing you want is to hire a firm based on the senior attorney’s reputation and then discover that junior attorneys are doing all the work. You don’t have to worry about this at Chambers Law Firm. When you hire Dan, you get Dan–he handles all court appearances personally and he is available 24/7 on his cell.

Cost: Of course, you will want to know what this expert representation is going to cost you. At The desire to help clients like you was the entire reason Dan has rededicated his practice to criminal law, and as a result Chambers Law Firm is more concerned with securing positive outcomes than with securing big billings. When necessary, we work with clients to come up with a solution that will enable them to receive quality representation in a way that fits their budget.

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