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Seek sentencing relief now with help from your local Prop 47 attorney in Whittier CA.

If you have a non-violent felony conviction on your record, you need to talk to a Prop 47 attorney in Whittier CA. You may be able to get that felony reduced to a misdemeanor. Prop 47 is sure to be the subject to ongoing litigation and interpretation in the coming months, so be sure you enlist the services of an experienced attorney like Chambers Law Firm who is going to keep up with the latest legal developments. You can trust Dan to correctly apply the specifics of Prop 47 to your unique case as your Prop 47 attorney in Whittier CA.

What Convictions Qualify for Prop 47 Sentencing Relief?

Prop 47 has reduced the penalties for a number of crimes. This doesn’t just apply to new offenders–individuals with prior convictions may also be able to secure a reduced penalty with help from a Prop 47 lawyer in Whittier CA. Possible qualifying convictions include:

  • Petty theft
  • Forgery of a check, bond, money order, etc.
  • Passing a bad check
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Possession of certain drugs

However, if you have certain serious or violent felonies or sex crimes on your record, you will not be eligible for Prop 47 resentencing for the above crimes. Crimes involving more than $950 are also ineligible.

Why Hire Dan as Your Prop 47 Lawyer in Whittier CA

Prop 47 resentencing has the potential to change your life by getting felony convictions off your record. This will make it easier for you to get a job and become a productive member of society. With your future in the balance, you definitely want to make sure you find the best possible Prop 47 lawyer in Whittier CA. Here’s why Dan fits the bill:

  • Dan Is Experienced: Dan has over 20 years of experience in the California courts under his belt. He has the contacts needed to stay on top of the latest Prop 47 developments so petitions he files will be correctly formatted for fast resolution.
  • Dan Provides Personal Attention: At some law offices, the only time you see the senior attorney is at your initial meeting. At Chambers Law Firm, things are different. When you hire Dan, you work with Dan. You can reach him directly at any time on his cell phone.
  • Dan is Dedicated: Dan truly cares about the welfare of each and every client, and as your Prop 47 attorney in Whittier CA he will do everything in his power to help you secure the resentencing benefits you deserve.

Find Out if You Qualify Today

There is likely to be a backlog of resentencing petitions in the courts, so make sure you get your place in line ASAP by contacting Chambers Law Firm now. We’ll schedule a free consultation for you so you can decide if you want to hire Dan E. Chambers as your Prop 47 attorney in Whittier CA.

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