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Are you facing charges related to guns, knives, or other weapons? Expert Whittier CA weapon charge attorney Dan E. Chambers can help

California is known for its strict laws about guns and other weapons. Because there are so many different laws, new California residents as well as people who’ve lived here all their lives may be at risk for accidental weapons violations. No matter what kind of charges you may be facing or how high the stakes are, Chambers Law Firm can help by serving as your weapon charge attorney in Whittier CA.

Illegal Weapons Charges

Though guns get the most publicity, there are actually many other types of weapons that are illegal to manufacture, sell, or own in California. The law is often strangely specific in forbidding weapons ranging from concealed daggers to nunchucks, throwing stars, cane swords, brass knuckles, and lipstick knives. Possession of illegal weapons, or illegal possession of legal weapons, are both areas that Dan E. Chambers frequently handles as a weapon charge lawyer in Whittier CA.

Crimes Committed with Weapons

If you allegedly used your illegal weapon in the commission of a crime, you may be facing a double dose of charges against you. Fortunately, Dan E. Chambers is just as good of a general criminal defense attorney as he is a weapon attorney in Whittier CA. He can defend you against all kinds of charges related to crimes committed with a weapon, like:

This Weapon Charge Attorney in Whittier CA Is Here When You Need Him

One of the biggest benefits of hiring Dan as your weapon charge attorney in Whittier CA is that he understands how important your case is to your life and your future, and he always gives you his undivided attention. He’ll begin working hard to defend your interests from the moment he takes your case. If you’ve already been charged, Dan can help you secure bail quickly using one of two well-established companies that he has a close professional relationship with. Then, he’ll begin examining the evidence in your case, looking for any facts that can be used to undermine the prosecution’s case against you. Thanks to his ability to combine meticulous research with original thinking, Dan E. Chambers has had great success in crafting highly effective, personalized legal strategies for his clients as a weapon lawyer in Whittier CA. Call today 714-760-4088 to schedule your first meeting with Dan.

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