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Even a seemingly minor fight or altercation can result in serious legal consequences if you are charged with assault & battery. This means you absolutely cannot afford to ignore any type of assault & battery charge. Instead, you need to get an experienced assault & battery defense attorney working on your behalf right away. At Chambers Law Firm, we can provide the aggressive and effective representation you need and deserve. We will fight to secure the best possible outcome to your case and minimize the impact of this encounter with the justice system on your future.

Types of Assault & Battery Charges

Although assault & battery are often charged together, they are actually separate crimes, each of which can be charged differently depending on the specific circumstances of the case. At Chambers Law Firm we have experience defending against all kinds of assault & battery charges including:

Simple Assault: If you take any willful or deliberate action that is likely to injure another person, you could be charged with assault. This is true even if your actions do not actually result in any injury. One example would be throwing a wild punch.

Aggravated Assault: This crime can be charged in cases where the assault would have caused serious bodily injury had it been successfully completed. Assault with a deadly weapon is a form of aggravated assault.

Simple Battery: If you willfully touch another person in a harmful or offensive manner, this can qualify as battery. Note that there is no requirement to actually cause physical injury. Spitting can count as battery, as can pushing, shoving, slapping, etc.

Aggravated Battery: When a battery results in seriously bodily injury, it qualifies as aggravated battery. The crime will carry harsher penalties and can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony at the prosecutor’s discretion.

Battery on a Peace Officer: When a police officer, firefighter, EMT, or other type of public service officer suffers any kind of injury in a battery, you can face the more serious charge of battery on a peace officer.

Let Us Help You Find the Best Defense Strategy

In many cases, assault & battery charges arise from unfair accusations or misleading circumstances. As your assault & battery defense attorney, we can help you tell your side of the story and make sure you are treated fairly by police and prosecutors. If we can present evidence that you acted in self-defense, that you lacked the willful intent to do harm, or that you were otherwise wrongfully accused, we may even be able to get the charges dropped.

If the evidence against you is strong, we can still help by negotiating the best possible plea deal for you. We will do everything in our power to keep you out of jail and minimize the impact of any conviction on your future.

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