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Don’t let a burglary charge ruin your future. Fight back with help from the burglary defense attorneys at Chambers Law Firm.

Considering that even the most minor burglary charge can land you behind bars for up to one year, you really cannot afford to face these charges without representation. Fortunately, Chambers Law Firm is here to provide the aggressive and effective representation you need and deserve. We’ll make sure you understand the details of the charges against you as well as your legal rights and options. Because we sincerely care about every client’s future, you can trust us to provide top-quality advice geared towards securing the best possible resolution to your particular case.

Types of Burglary Charges

Although burglary is typically associated with stealing, in reality burglary charges apply any time you enter a building or room with the intent to commit any felony or theft once inside. It does not matter if you didn’t have to break in or if you are successful in committing that felony or theft—the entry and the intent are enough to justify charges. Depending on where the alleged burglary took place, you may find yourself facing charges for:

First Degree Burglary: This type of burglary involves entering a residence or inhabited structure with the intent to commit a felony or theft. Examples might include entering an apartment with the intent of committing a rape or reaching through an open window to steal a computer. First degree burglary is always a felony.

Second Degree Burglary: Commercial burglary or second degree burglary applies to all burglaries committed in non-residential buildings. It does not matter whether you walk in during business hours or break in after hours. This type of burglary can be a charged as a misdemeanor or a felony at the prosecutor’s discretion. However, certain types of conduct that used to be considered second degree commercial burglary may be only the crime of “shoplifting” in Penal Code section 459.5.

Auto Burglary: In most situations, breaking and entering is not a requirement for burglary. Auto burglary is the exception. If you break into a locked vehicle with the intent to steal it, steal an item inside, or commit another felony, you can be charged with auto burglary, which is treated as a second degree burglary for purposes of potential punishment.

We Can Help You Fight Back Against Burglary Charges

Depending on the circumstances of your case, there may be several different defense strategies that we can pursue. For example, if we can show that you only formed the intent to commit a crime after you had already entered the building—or if you legitimately believed that you had a right to the items you took—you cannot be found guilty of burglary. We will also explore the possibility that you may have been falsely accused, or that there is insufficient evidence to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Sometimes, the fact that you might have been intoxicated can be a defense to a burglary charge.  We will protect you against illegal evidence and police misconduct in the investigation.

Even if the evidence against you is compelling, you still need a burglary defense attorney. At Chambers Law Firm, we have ample experience negotiating with prosecutors and DAs. We know what kinds of plea deals are achievable in different situations and we will do everything in our power to secure the lightest possible charge and penalty for you.

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