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If you’ve been accused of carjacking, you can trust Chambers Law Firm for an aggressive defense.

Carjacking is no ordinary theft crime. Because it involves taking a vehicle from someone’s possession by force or fear, California law treats this crime more harshly than the similar offense of grand theft auto. Carjacking is always a felony, and you could face separate counts of carjacking for each individual victim who was present at the time you allegedly took the vehicle.

Naturally, if you have been accused of this very serious crime, you need the very best quality defense representation you can find. In other words, you need Chambers Law Firm. We will fight aggressively to protect your rights and interests from the very first moment you call us.

Types of Carjacking Sentencing Enhancements

In addition to the penalties associated with the crime of carjacking, you could face a variety of sentencing enhancements that could make your punishment even more severe.

  • Great Bodily Injury Enhancement: Causing someone to suffer a serious physical injury during a carjacking can result in additional 3 to 6 years of incarceration.
  • Gang Enhancement: Gang-related carjackings are punished extremely harshly with an additional 15 years to life.
  • Gun Enhancement: Using a gun in a carjacking results in an additional 10 years. Firing a gun adds 20 years and killing or seriously injuring someone brings a sentencing enhancement of 25 to life.
  • Felony Murder Rule: If someone is killed during a carjacking—even accidentally—the felony murder rule automatically applies and the alleged carjacker can be charged with first degree murder.
  • Three Strikes Law: As a violent felony, carjacking qualifies as a Three Strikes Offense. If you have prior Strikes on your record, you will serve a longer sentence.

Trust Chambers Law Firm for the Strongest Possible Defense

If you’ve been accused of carjacking it is absolutely essential to hire an experienced carjacking defense attorney who can not only help fight your carjacking charge, but also protect you from any undeserved or unduly harsh sentencing enhancements. This is exactly what you get from Chambers Law Firm. We know all the best strategies for carjacking defense, and we will make sure you receive an aggressive, personalized, and comprehensive defense.

You can rely on our team to work tirelessly for your defense and explore every possible option for resolving the case as quickly and beneficially as possible. In many cases, we are able to intervene early with the DA to either get charges dropped due to weak evidence or to secure a fair and favorable plea deal. For example, we may be able to plead your carjacking charge down to grand theft auto, joyriding, or auto burglary, all of which may be charged as misdemeanors and carry lighter penalties.

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