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Even being accused—much less convicted—of a crime against a child can do permanent damage to your reputation and limit your future career prospects. This makes it essential to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and interests at the very first hint that you are being investigated for any type of crime against a child. At Chambers Law Firm, we are here to provide the aggressive and effective representation you need. We will work hard to resolve your case as quickly and advantageously as possible so you can move forward with your life.

Types of Crimes Against Children

California law describes many different types of crimes against children, including:

Annoying or Harassing a Child: It is a crime to engage in any conduct that is motivated by sexual interest in children and is likely to disturb or irritate children. No physical touching is required; lewd words are enough to justify charges.

Lewd Acts with a Child: Deliberately touching a child or causing the child to touch you or another person for the purposes of any party’s sexual arousal or gratification is a crime. Certain types of lewd acts such as intercourse, sodomy, or oral copulation with a child are described under separate statutes and will carry harsher penalties.

Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child: Three or more lewd acts with a child under 14 over a period of three months or more will subject you to harsher penalties including up to 16 years in state prison.

Child Pornography: This crime involves creating, possessing, or distributing materials depicting minors engaged in sexual activity.

Child Abuse: Any physical injury that is willfully inflicted on a child and cannot be considered part of reasonable discipline can qualify as child abuse.

Child Abduction/Kidnapping: Whether you forcibly abduct a minor or you persuade, entice, or lure them to accompany you somewhere for lewd purposes, you will face stiff penalties that can range from  up to 11 years to life in state prison depending on the circumstances. Child abduction charges can also apply any time a child is kept from their legal guardian, even if you do not actually move or transport the child anywhere.

Let Us Protect Your Rights as Your Defense Attorney

Unfortunately, false allegations are not at all uncommon in cases involving crimes against children. Children sometimes make up stories or are coached to do so by other adults. They can also make mistakes in their remembering of an event or blame the wrong person through “perpetrator substitution.” At Chambers Law Firm, we know the most effective strategies to use to expose false allegations. We also understand the nuances of working with highly technical evidence such as the results of forensic analysis of saliva, hair, skin, or semen and the results of doctors’ examinations of children that have allegedly been abused.

As your defense attorney, we will work hard to create a personalized defense strategy to suit the circumstances of your specific case. Often, we are able to intervene early enough to prevent an arrest or to get charges dropped before trial, which can save you a lot of stress and heartache. However, if the evidence against you is strong, we can still help by negotiating for a fair and lenient plea deal. For example, we might be able to plead a child molestation charge down to battery, which will save you from participation in the sex offender registry.

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