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Leaving the scene of a car accident without stopping to check on injured victims or exchange insurance and identification information with the involved parties isn’t just irresponsible. It is also a crime. If you’ve been accused of involvement in a hit and run accident, it may feel like everyone has already turned against you. But in reality, you are not alone. Chambers Law Firm is ready and willing to stand up for your rights and help you resolve the matter as quickly and advantageously as possible.

Types of Hit & Run Offenses

There are two possible types of hit & run offenses you may be charged with after leaving the scene of a car accident:

Misdemeanor Hit & Run: Misdemeanor charges apply when a driver leaves the scene of an accident in which someone else’s property was damaged. This offense carries a maximum penalty of $1,000 and 6 months in jail.

Felony Hit & Run: Leaving the scene of an accident in which someone else was injured or killed is called felony hit & run. However, this crime is actually a wobbler that can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on factors such as the severity of the injuries involved. As a misdemeanor, it is punishable by $1,000 to $10,000 in fines and/or up to 1 year in jail. As a felony, the possible fines are the same but the jail time can increase to 16 months to 3 years for an injury or 2 to 4 years for a death.

It is important to understand that you can be charged—and convicted—even if you were not the party who caused the accident. Charges can also apply even if you did not actually hit anyone but your actions caused someone else to have an accident and incur property damage or injuries.

We Will Fight for a Fair Resolution to Your Case

As your hit & run defense attorney, we will intervene early and aggressively, doing our best to limit the impact of the alleged incident on your future. If you contact us before you are officially charged with a hit & run and we are able to find strong evidence for your defense, we may even be able to get the DA to drop the case entirely with no impact on your permanent record. If you have already been charged, we will carefully review the prosecution’s evidence to determine and implement the best legal strategy for your case. For example, we may be able to argue that:

  • You were not the one driving the car at the time of the accident
  • You were not aware of the accident
  • You reasonably believed there was no damage or injuries from the accident
  • You reasonably believed your vehicle was the only one damaged or you were the only person injured

Depending on the strength of the evidence, we make recommend defending you in court or seeking a lenient plea deal. Either way, you can trust Chambers Law Firm for superior quality representation every step of the way.

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