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Have you been accused of human trafficking? Get help from an expert human trafficking defense attorney now.

Cases involving human trafficking often get lots of attention in the media, which puts pressure on police and prosecutors to punish the alleged perpetrators swiftly and severely. If you have been accused of human trafficking, you risk getting caught up in this frenzy. Hasty law enforcement officials could violate your rights during the investigation and aggressive prosecutors could fight for you to receive the maximum possible penalties, including up to 20 years in state prison and $500,000 in fines.

The best way to protect yourself and avoid any undeserved or unduly harsh penalties is to retain an experienced Human trafficking defense attorney ASAP. At Chambers Law Firm, we know the law and we know exactly how to protect your rights. We can help you exercise your 5th Amendment rights during police questioning, prevent illegally obtained evidence from being used against you, and pursue your defense just as aggressively as prosecutors are pursuing a conviction.

What Qualifies as Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is a specific subset of the crime of human trafficking, which involves depriving an individual of their personal liberty in order to obtain forced labor or services.

In order for a pimp/prostitute situation between adults to qualify as human trafficking there must be a substantial and sustained restriction of personal liberty, accomplished through force, fear, fraud, coercion, violence, or threats. However, when the victim of the trafficking is a minor, there is no need to prove that the victim was denied their personal liberty.

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At Chambers Law Firm, we will not be intimidated by the complexity of your human trafficking case. Instead, we will work hard to find any possible flaws or weaknesses in the prosecution’s arguments and exploit them to your benefit. Depending on what we uncover, we may be able to show that you are innocent or at the very least overcharged. Either way, we will fight aggressively to save you from the extremely harsh penalties associated with human trafficking crimes. If it turns out that entering into a plea bargain is the best way to resolve your case, we can help you negotiate for the most lenient penalty possible in your plea deal.

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