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Has your child been accused of a crime? Get help from an experienced juvenile crime defense attorney ASAP.

An encounter with the criminal justice system can be daunting at any age, but especially so for a juvenile. If your child has been accused of a crime, you may worry that they are going to end up facing harsh penalties, potentially including time in juvenile hall or a youth authority facility.

The good news is, this outcome is not inevitable. With help from an experienced juvenile crimes defense attorney such as Chambers Law Firm, you can achieve a better outcome for your child. We will do everything in our power to disprove the charges against your child or, at the very least, secure an alternative sentence such as community service, counseling, probation, or diversion so that they do not have to be incarcerated.

Types of Juvenile Crimes

While a juvenile can get charged with just about any offense an adult can, there are some offenses that we see more often than others in juvenile court:

Assault & Battery: When kids get into scraps and fights, there is the potential for the injured party to press charges for assault & battery. Assault involves the attempt to inflict harm, while battery can be any kind of offensive contact such as spitting, pushing, slapping, punching, and kicking.

Drug Crimes: Even in the juvenile court system, drug crimes from possession to under the influence to possession for sale can be prosecuted pretty aggressively. It is imperative to have a skilled juvenile crime defense attorney to protect your child.

Theft: The most common types of theft charges that juveniles face are petty theft and shoplifting.

Sexting: If a minor sends a sexually explicit photograph of themselves via text message or email, technically they have just distributed child pornography. Needless to say this can be a very serious charge.

Vandalism: Graffiti tagging, breaking windows, egging houses or cars, and other types of property damage aren’t just childish hijinks. They are criminal acts of vandalism.

Status Offenses: These are crimes that are only illegal due to the juvenile’s age. Examples include truancy, breaking curfew, and underage DUI.

Why Choose Chambers Law Firm as Your Juvenile Crime Defense Attorney

The juvenile court system is quite different from the adult one. This means you cannot trust just any criminal defense attorney with your child’s case. Instead, you need someone who really understands how the juvenile system works and can help your family negotiate this system to your child’s best advantage. In other words, you need Chambers Law Firm. We have handled numerous juvenile cases and you can rely on us for personalized attention and effective representation. We strive to keep our fees fair and we will work with your family to help get your child the representation they need at a price you can afford.

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