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Have you been accused of stalking? Get an experienced stalking defense attorney on your side now.

California has some of the strictest stalking laws in the nation. If you have been accused of stalking, you definitely do not want to just wait and see what will happen. Instead, you should take action right away—ideally before formal charges are even filed. That way, you can have the best possible chance of not only avoiding any undeserved or unduly harsh penalties, but of possibly avoiding arrest and prosecution as well.

Chambers Law Firm is here to help as your stalking defense attorney. We have handled numerous stalking charges, so we know the legal statutes and the body of relevant case law in detail. We will fight aggressively to protect your rights and resolve your case as quickly and advantageously as possible.

Examples of Stalking

Stalking involves repeatedly following, harassing, and/or threatening someone to the point where they fear for their safety or that of their family. When done frequently or repeatedly, a variety of behaviors can fit this definition:

  • Following a coworker home every night
  • Running into an ex “by accident” at their favorite locales
  • Making harassing phone calls
  • Sending numerous letters, emails, or texts
  • Driving by someone’s home or workplace
  • Sending unwanted gifts

Top Defense Strategies for Stalking Charges

Depending on the facts of your particular case, your stalking defense attorney may be able to use one of the following defense arguments to help you beat the charges:

  • False Allegations: Unfortunately, many individuals are falsely accused of stalking by individuals who are angry at them or otherwise bear a grudge. We can bring in experienced investigators to help review video, audio, handwriting, and DNA evidence and help show that if stalking did occur, you were not the one who perpetrated it.
  • No Credible Threat: Just because you made a threat against someone does not automatically mean it qualifies as stalking, since stalking requires a credible threat. If you made a ridiculous threat that you could not realistically act on and/or that would not put a reasonable person in fear, the threat is not credible and you did not commit a stalking crime.
  • Free Speech: California stalking laws do not apply to First Amendment activities. It may be possible to argue that any alleged threats made while protesting or participating as an assembly were part of your right to free speech.

Even if none of these defense arguments apply to your case, it is still extremely beneficial to have an experienced stalking defense attorney on your side. We can help you secure a fair and favorable plea deal, which may save you from felony charges and jail time.

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