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California has some of the strictest and most complicated gun laws in the nation. It is very easy to end up on the wrong side of the law. Fortunately, Chambers Law Firm is here to help. As your weapon charges defense attorney, we can explain the charges you face and then help you resolve them as quickly and advantageously as possible.

Types of Gun Charges/Weapon Charges

California has laws regulating who can possess guns or other weapons, what kinds of weapons they can have, and where and how these weapons may be used. Some common gun charges that can arise from violation of these laws include:

Possession of an Unlicensed Firearm: If you have an unlicensed firearm in your home or work, you can be charged with a misdemeanor. If you take the unlicensed firearm outside these locations, you can face felony charges and a minimum sentence of 3.5 years.

Possession of an Illegal Weapon: This includes a variety of banned weapons and accessories such as stun guns, assault weapons, large-capacity magazines, armor-piercing rounds, and silencers.

Felon with a Firearm: Convicted felons, as well as individuals with certain misdemeanor convictions and individuals who are addicted to narcotics, are not allowed to own, possess, purchase, or receive guns in California.

Carrying a Concealed Firearm: It is illegal to carry a concealed firearm on your person or in your vehicle. The gun must be unloaded and in a locked box if you are transporting it.

Carrying a Loaded Gun in Public: Open carry of loaded guns is also illegal in California, unless you have a special permit. You will face additional penalties if you carry a gun in certain restricted places like school grounds and government buildings.

Brandishing a Weapon: This offense covers drawing, displaying, or using a firearm or deadly weapon in an angry or threatening manner. If someone is injured while you are brandishing the weapon you will face additional penalties.

Assault with a Firearm: Any attempt to injure someone with a firearm can be considered assault, regardless of whether you actually succeed in inflicting the injury. Firing into a crowd would be one example.

Drive-By Shooting: You don’t have to be the shooter to be charged with this crime. As the driver in a drive-by shooting, you can also face charges for knowingly allowing someone to bring a gun into your car and/or fire that gun from within the vehicle.

Shooting at Dwellings: It is against the law to shoot at or in close proximity to buildings or vehicles. You can be charged with this crime if you are the shooter or if you aid and abet the shooter. Different penalties will apply depending on whether the building or vehicle was occupied.

Gun Sentencing Enhancements

If you use a gun in the commission of another criminal offense, you could face sentencing enhancements that will make the penalties for the underlying offense much harsher. California has two main gun sentencing enhancements:

Personally Using a Gun: If you are either armed with a gun or you actually use the gun in the commission of a felony, you can get an additional 1 to 10 years added to your sentence.

10-20-Life: The “Use a Gun and You’re Done” sentencing enhancement applies to 19 serious or violent felonies including murder, kidnapping, robbery, and rape. If convicted of one of these felonies, you can face an additional 10 years for using the gun in the commission of the crime, 20 years for firing it, and 25 years to life for seriously injuring or killing someone with it.

Get an Aggressive Defense to Any Gun or Weapon Charge

At Chambers Law Firm, we understand California’s complicated gun and weapon laws in detail, and we can help you build the strongest possible defense to any set of charges. This includes gun charges as well as charges for various felonies allegedly committed using the gun. If it is not possible to discredit the evidence against you, we can still help be negotiating for a fair and favorable plea deal. We will work hard to keep you out of jail whenever possible.

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