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Have you been accused of a white collar crime? Get a skilled attorney from Chambers Law Firm on your side now.

Even if the criminal penalties are relatively light, being convicted of any kind of white collar crime can have a lasting negative impact on your personal and professional life. This means you should never just accept a conviction. Instead, you need to fight back with help from an experienced white collar crimes defense attorney such as Chambers Law Firm. We understand the law in detail and we will fight aggressively to protect you from any undeserved or unduly harsh penalties.

Types of White Collar Crimes

Bribery: While some executives may find it necessary to “grease the wheels” in order to win contracts of get projects approved, it is actually a crime to offer, give, receive, or solicit any item of value in exchange for influence on a public official or employee.

Embezzlement: Taking any money or property that has been entrusted to you with the intent to use it to benefit yourself or to deprive the owner of its value can be prosecuted as embezzlement.

Extortion: Also called blackmail, extortion is the crime of using force or threats to compel someone to give you money or other valuables, or to compel a public official to act in your interests.

Forgery: If you copy someone’s signature or any kind of financial or property document and try to pass it off as genuine, you can be charged with forgery.

Fraud: All kinds of fraud crimes are considered white collar crimes, such as insurance fraud, medical billing fraud, internet fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, and more.

Internet Crimes: The internet is a very attractive medium for white collar crimes. Examples include internet fraud, phishing, online piracy, trade secret theft, and illegal access of computers and networks.

Let Us Build the Strongest Possible White Collar Crime Defense for You

At Chambers Law Firm, we have the skills, experience, and tenacity required to conduct a complete, thorough, and independent investigation into any kind of white collar crimes case. We will not be thrown off by complicated technical or financial evidence. Instead, we will work diligently to find any possible way of undermining the prosecution’s case against you. Often, we are able to intervene early in the case and prevent formal charges from being filed.

If the evidence against you is problematic, we can still help. We’ll negotiate with the DA to make sure you receive the most lenient penalty possible as part of your plea deal.

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