Dan Chambers is great!

I was referred to Dan by another attorney. I left really comfortable when I initially talked to Dan and explain my case to him. I had a small case but Dan was nice enough to take my case on and help me out. He was highly recommended so I was happy when he took my case. What I liked about Dan is that he is a very straight forward guy and doesn’t waste time…his or the clients with a lot of back and forth drama. He’s prompt and gets back via text or call right away. He suggests what the next step should be, hears me out and both agree on what the best step to take. And if I ask to do or request a certain thing he advises me right away and thereby eliminating any extra time wasted. My case lasted a year but at the end Dan helped me resolve it and finally move on! He’s fair and truly cares for his clients. Hopefully I won’t need Dan’s services in the future but if so he’s my attorney! Thanks Dan!

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