Facing Attempted 187 (aka attempted murder), life imprisonment & over $1,000,000 bail, Dan Chambers (the best Lawyer I ever met), helped get me out of jail. Mistaken identity, not guilty, the police still arrested me. I began to believe my family would never see me free again, until we hired Dan Chambers.

Dan is truly a great attorney and great man. He was a Godsend. His knowledge of the law, his experience, attorney skills, credibility and caring for my case and my family is beyond compare. He believed in my innocence and gave me hope and belief, when my future seemed bleak. Dan is a fighter, an investigator, a believer and was the best chance for me. He told me his strategy was to aggressively fight for me. He designed an impressive criminal defense. He vigorously pursued discovery and evidence that ultimately lead me to be free. It was fate that brought Dan into our lives. Dan and God gave me faith when I had little hope and seemingly no chance to be free again, considering all circumstances.

My family interviewed roughly 16 attorney firms and individuals, with various ideas and fees, but after one meeting with Dan we all knew he was the man to champion the challenge to win over the false charges stacked against me. Dan Chambers was reasonable, compassionate and available. I would not be free physically, emotionally or literally today, if not for Dan Chambers. Dan was and is the best man for the job. And You Can Put Your Money On That!!!

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