As the parent of a really “good kid,” – one that always got good grades, was in college at a top 10 University, was a leader in many student organizations and varsity sports, engaged in community service, kept in regular contact with us and was open and honest about everything – the absolute last thing we expected to receive in June of 2015 was a 6 a.m. phone call from a local City jail asking if we would accept the charges on a collect call. In fact, knowing that our son was in a fraternity and certainly was enjoying the social aspects of college life, my joke all year had been “make smart choices so you don’t end up in the hospital or in jail!” After speaking to our son and learning that he had been arrested and spent the night in jail for getting caught using a fake ID and being drunk in public, the first thought of my husband and I was that we needed to place an immediate call to Dan Chambers. We had known Dan for many years, being part of the same school community with our kids and his. We had never had reason to use Dan in a professional capacity, but he was immediately the one we thought to call. And it was the right decision. He knew exactly what to do and walked us through the process to post bail, get our son out of jail (as were the parents of the other 7 fraternity brothers who had also gotten themselves into trouble!) and deal with what followed. From the initial meeting with Dan and our son, to the meeting with the City Attorney (his “case” was put into a court diversion program versus charges being filed against him) to the final meeting with the City Attorney 6 months later, Dan was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and most of all very reassuring. He relates extremely well to young adults in their teens and twenties and he even has “swag,” which is definitely a good thing! He was never too busy to take our calls and explain things, advocated exceptionally on our son’s behalf, and also used the situation as an opportunity to have our son learn from this experience to stay out of trouble in the future. He helped our son through the process of community service, paying fines and doing the other things he needed to do as a consequence of his actions, and we were all (Dan included!) pleased to put it behind him with no arrest or any record whatsoever, it is as if the whole thing never happened. As an attorney myself, I naturally expect a lot from someone I have hired to represent our interests, especially when it involves representing our child, and Dan Chambers did not disappoint. I’m hopeful that we will not need his professional services again, but we know what to do if we do, and, in the meantime, we would recommend Dan highly to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney!


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