Dan is LITERALLY the best! I was in danger of losing my freedom, while also ruining any chance at a career in healthcare. Prior to meeting Dan, I contacted other highly regarded criminal defense attorneys within the area. My options seemed bleak from my interactions with these other attorneys, which provoked a lot of stress and hopelessness. As a result, I was borderline depressed until I got into contact with Dan. Compared to the other attorneys I contacted, Dan made me feel comforted with his analysis of the situation. As a former district attorney himself, he demonstrated his expertise when explaining what the possible outcomes could be. I felt like I was talking to a family member throughout the whole conversation, as he displayed genuine compassion for my well-being. What truly won me over with him were the social skills he possesses. These social skills differentiate him significantly from the other attorneys I contacted. Dan radiates a swagger that makes you feel like “he’s the man”, in a non-arrogant way. I was at ease within seconds of meeting him and felt like I was talking to a lifelong friend when discussing my situation more thoroughly. I think it’s extremely important for one’s attorney to have the best social skills possible. Attorneys are negotiating with the district attorney to get you the best possible outcome, therefore you want the best negotiator you can get. The best negotiators have the best social skills and Dan has those. Throughout the process, I was updated regularly by his wonderful office manager. If I had any questions, she’d get me the answer. At no point did I not know what was going on. From the top down, Dan and his staff are amazing. More recently, I was blessed enough to get my case closed. Before even asking him to do so, Dan called to tell me that he filed a petition to get my record clean. Dan is truly a blessing for the work he’s done for me. My family and I are extremely grateful to him and his staff for the support they provided us throughout this long, difficult process. You genuinely can’t go wrong with him. God bless.

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