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Overall rating – Excellent
Trustworthy – Excellent
Responsive – Excellent
Knowledgeable – Excellent
Kept me informed – Excellent

  • I recommend Dan Chambers.
  • I hired Dan 1-3 years ago.
  • Dan handled my Criminal Defense matter.

I found that Dan Chambers was the perfect lawyer for me. I had had no experience with the criminal system, and a lot of worries and even more questions. Dan knows the system from both sides, having been a prosecutor for a number of years before becoming a defense lawyer. His descriptions were always clear and precise, and I found his predictions to be dead on; they seemed to come true like clockwork.

I had been blindsided by my wife’s preparations to file a divorce. One night she came home from work and picked an argument while I was sleeping. I am much older than her, a senior citizen, and physically unwell. She ran out of the house with a telephone and dialed the police. They came and arrested me, charging me with spousal battery. To me the charge was unfathomable, as I had done nothing to her, certainly no marks or sign of any violence and in fact committing no violence; I had only touched her in passing, to maintain my balance, a common thing for me. The police used the balancing touch to charge me with spousal battery, a very serious charge.

I found that the police were very helpful towards young and pretty her and already treating me like a villain, to the point of being abusive and calling me names. Unfortunately for me, I tried to explain to them how I had done nothing and they twisted my words for the police report. In the police station they had pre-prepared forms with a judge’s signature on them, so they arrested me, and issued me a restraining order as well, in the middle of the night.

In this way I found myself in my sister’s house sleeping in a spare room for 3 weeks, terribly shocked, upset, and worried, and having muddied my Miranda rights by having the police cherry picking my words. I really needed a good lawyer, and started searching for one in a number of ways, through the bail bond company’s recommendations, a family recommendation (overly expensive), and a large number of internet referrals.

I needed someone who would really listen to me, be articulate enough to help me understand the realities, and explain different outcomes of different strategies: I had been an engineering manager in my career, and found that Dan was the right person for me, answering my large number of questions, reassuring me, and ultimately getting me a good outcome that wouldn’t affect my divorce. One amazing thing about Dan is his ability to quickly analyze situations, and discuss probable outcomes. Also, he is very interesting to watch in court. He was my lawyer for the civil case and the criminal case both coming out of this situation. I can tell you I can’t imagine working with anyone else than Dan, and I recommend him very highly for his abilities as well as his patience and his calming effect on me. There were absolutely no surprises.

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