Luis Beltran

MR Chambers …. (THE BEST HANDS) from the bottom of my heart my family and I will for ever be sooo Greatful, indebted to Mr, Mrs Chambers & respected law firm listen this is as real as it can get from me to anyone reading this or me be in need for a GREAT attorney Mr&Mrs Chambers is ????the way to go let me share just a lil of my experience, but most of all PLEASURE that I had with MrChambers ….) I was 18 when I got arrested for (felony murder) I got found guilty in jury trial, DA offered me a deal of 15years to life so young and not so smart I signed over All my rights of any that I had left so fast forward I am 34 years old now been down for 16 years Truely a blessing from god that he put Mr&Mrs Chambers in our lives….under the new law sb1437 felony muder rule Mrs&Mrs Chambers I’m Sooooo happy to say I’m home with my family Mr Chambers got me home with my family ???? remind you I had no rights as a kid I signed them All over not knowing.yet with god’s blessings and Mr& MrsChambers here I am telling you from day 1 Mr& Mrs Chambers have been honest, true, respectful, loving & helpful….. my wife dose not speak English at all yet Mrs Chambers did up and beyond and then some to make her understand to involve her & now my wife is really good friends with Mrs Chambers my wife and I love them sooo much there not just your attorney they become family they want to hear what you think how you feel they involve you in everything make you feel sooo comfortable like everything will be ok and I’m living proof Mr&Mrs Chambers like I said are the BEST HANDS DOWN they will always be my family’s attorney and our extended family MR &Mrs Chambers my family and I are sooooo greatful to you beautiful people truely blessed may God for always bless you ???? you guys already know how I feel I feel about you???? #THE BEST ATTORNEY hands down ????

Love Luis javer Beltran ????

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