Mike Romero

Xinia & Dan, I wanted to thank you for everything. I’m totally relieved now and in peace. I am so very happy! Now I can say my year is off to a great start! Thank you again, very much for everything and God Bless you guys.



Hi, I just wanted to take the time to thank Attorney Dan E. Chambers. I was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. I was scared because I’ve never been involved in a situation like this before. Didn’t known where to turn for help. I asked around and no one seemed to help. A friend of mine referred me to Mr Chambers. He took the time to listen to my story from beginning to end . Dan takes his time to really listen to you. I felt comfortable and decided to hire him. His Assistant is Professional and very nice. They did a great job in asking and gathering everything from paper work evidence , to contacts , to witnesses etc. They did a great job and were able to dismiss the chargers and close the case. Im very thankful for Mr Chamber helping me in this. I truly recommend him. I hesitated in seeking help at first because i felt i did nothing wrong and acted in self defense. But I’m glad to have found him. I did the right thing in hiring him. They show up to court for you and all. He stays in touch with you before and after your court dates and makes you feel at peace. I didn’t have to miss work and I’m glad for that, as my job is very important to me. He fights for you, and did a great job. Thanks again Dan for your help.



Finding an attorney can seem like a very unnerving task, and choosing the right attorney is probably one of the most important decisions you will be faced with making. Dan’s experience, understanding of the law, and knowledge of the justice system is unparalleled. Apart from these vital qualities as a criminal defense attorney, what makes Dan so special is his dedication and compassion towards his clients. After being faced with multiple felony charges, I was at a complete loss and felt like just another number. Dan was there by my side every step of the way and reminded me that this was just one step towards getting back on track. He came into my life at the most vulnerable and uncertain time of my life, and I could not have been in better hands. Dan cates about his work and truly recognizes the gravity of what such charges can do to a person’s life. He’s sharp, confident, personable, honest, realistic, and most of all he cares. I’m grateful for being given the chance to move on with my life, and could not have done so without Dan’s expertise. I highly recommend Dan to anyone seeking a skilled, compassionate criminal defense attorney.



Dear Dan E. Chambers,

I am thankful to Dan Chambers for the work he did for my brother’s case and the effort he put to prove my brother’s innocence. I recommend Dan Chambers because he helps our community and he will not take advantage of his clients. His prices are accessible to all. Throughout the case, he was always available when my family and I had questions. I am very grateful to Dan Chambers for helping my brother and reuniting my family.


I am relieved, thankful, and at times speechless. We hired Dan for a really difficult situation and we really needed help and guidance. Upon consulting with him, there was something that told us to trust him. We hired Mr. Chambers and also had Jade involved. They were very helpful despite how needy I could be with how anxious I was. My husbands case was resolved and had an amazing outcome. Dan and Jade did amazing! Thank you!


DUI case

Dan’s knowledge is amazing. When looking at my case he found that my rights were violated. That being said his legal expertise was able to have my case dropped not only with the DMV also with the Newport Courts. I owe Dan a Big Thank You.


Fantastic experience with little effort on my part

I got introuble while vacationing in California. Initially I was scared that I was going to have to attended all court hearings, which with a full time job would have been nearly impossible and super expensive. Luckily I found Dan! After the initial conversation I didn’t have to do a thing. He kept me updated on how things were going. About halfway through I found out I was pregnant, so I let dan know that I wanted to try and get the case wrapped up before I gave birth (I was thinking that all cases took forever). He worked with the DA to make sure that I could get everything done with my cases prior and the outcome was fantastic. The entire case was dismissed!I would recommend him in a heartbeat! Thanks Dan!


Amazing Attorney

Dan Chambers did an amazing job! He got our case dismissed and we couldn’t be happier. Dan and his staff take the time to explain everything and answer any doubt we had. Definitely recommending him!! Thanks Dan Chambers.


He took the time to offer me some free advice

Turns out I called the phone number I saw online to obtain a possible phone consultation and Attorney Chambers himself picked up the phone and took a few minutes of his valuable time to give me some free advice regarding a proposition question I had. My family and I truly appreciate that.


Lancaster Animal Control and the District Attorney was going to railroad me until I called the Law Offices of Dan Chambers. Mr. Chambers derailed that train today, 3-15-2018. I, Joseph Jordan Davis was found not guilty of three counts of animal cruelty, so don’t delay and call the Law Office of Dan chambers. I did, and I’m a free man!


He walked me through every outcome that could happen. Then Mr. Chambers explained what he was going to do for me and what would happen. My case ended up being closed. He put my mind at ease in a very stressful time in my life.


I hired Dan for a DUI case. Was tried two separate times, first resulting with a hung jury and second resulting in a not guilty verdict. Dan is very professional, personable, and knows his stuff. He works magic in the court room and his experience shows. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone. You will not regret the decision. Plus you’ll get some laughs along the way (he’s a good, funny dude).

C. Anumudu

Dedicated Fighter

Dan Chambers was a representation of hope to me and my family. He empathetically fought for me as if he was fighting for himself. He and his team’s dedication to my case made me feel comfortable. Not only was he able to defend me from unjust accusations; He did it with a skill that produced just results. My family and I will be forever grateful for his help in winning my case.
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
Hired attorney

Jeffrey S.

I hired Dan to defend me for a civil case for my construction business a few years ago. Dan was easy to communicate with throughout the entire process. Dan was amazing in court. He won every argument that we were trying to defend. He really knows how to twist up whoever he is questioning, whether in a deposition or on the stand. It’s like watching a movie. Dan is a rockstar attorney! He shows that he truly cares about defending your case thru his countless hours of paperwork and preparedness for depositions and court trial. I also hired Dan for a 2nd lawsuit which we recently settled. I am so thankful to have Dan on my team and walk me thru the process and help me make the best decisions for me, my family and my business; however, I hope to never see him again under these circumstances!

Monica S.

I Required Immeidate Help

I don’t know where to begin. Should I start with Dan’s quick responses? His extensive knowledge in his field? His connections to pertinent departments so he can expedite results and conclusion of your concerns?I was quite honestly in a panic when I reached out to Dan at Chambers Law Firm. I required immediate help with an elder abuse accusation and was surprised to find very few resources for legal representation in this area. I came across Dan’s name on Google and he responded immediately. He saw me on a weekend so he could get a feel for my situation and quickly reassured me that I had nothing to worry about. He guided me as to what documentation I needed to collect, he made numerous calls to the right departments and was able to verify that I had nothing to worry about. Over the course of 3 months working with him he responded very quickly to any questions that I had.

On top of all his finesse and expertise in his field you will find he’s also a very nice gentleman with a very warm heart.G-d willing I will not need his services again but if I do, or anybody I know should require his specific specialty, I 100% recommend Dan Chambers Law Firm. You will have a skilled, conscientious and concerned man fighting on your behalf.Looking at names and phone numbers on Google when you have a serious situation can be scary.

Please let me reassure you that you are making the right choice when you called Dan Chambers. Thank you Dan!


Dan, thanks again for being so wonderful and for guiding me through this whole DUI experience. It certainly hasn’t been an easy “adventure”, but you’ve taken so much of the weight from my shoulders and have explained every step in the best way possible.I’m certainly grateful for everything you’ve done for me over the past year. Today begins the next chapter and I’m eager to get everything else taken care of and to begin the long process of putting this mistake behind me. I’ve certainly learned a lot and look forward to my classes. They’re a breath of fresh air and a great motivator to make better choices and to reach out and help others around me with the resources I’m gaining.

I wish you and Z the best in all your future endeavors! Thanks for being so professional, kind and gracious.

With gratitude

Karmin Lo

We hired Dan Chambers upon referral from a friend to handle a very difficult case for a family member. During the trial, I was able to see Dan is knowledgeable, has great experience, is very detailed, charismatic and most importantly, a great human being. He fought the case of our loved one with so much passion as if it was his own family. Dan’s dedication and preparation for trial goes beyond the extra mile, his performance during the trial, amazing. Dan’s moral support relieved me and my family during the jury deliberation process. My respect and admiration for Dan are unmeasurable. Our family will be forever thankful to Dan who fought a life sentence case to several years. I highly recommend Dan.

Nicole Barner

I wish there was a 10-star rating!!!! Dan was recommended highly and upon our meeting, I could see why. Dan and his team were top notch when it came to our case. It was such a welcoming environment during a difficult time. If you ever are in need of a criminal defense attorney Dan is your guy.

El Grillo Vasquez

I’m very grateful to Mr. Dan Chambers he helped me to solve my old warrant and my no license court case with no problem he is very professional and his wife and him treat people like family not just like clients.

Patrick Silva

Dan Chambers is one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Southern California. His ability to take a case to jury trial separates him from the average attorney.

Michael Franklin

Dan Chambers is a Great Attorney who is Very knowledgeable in the Law. He represented us in a Civil matter and provided us with Excellent service. He cared about our situation not only as clients but as people too! We Highly Recommend Chambers Law Firm !!!

Lucy S.

Dan was beyond dedicated, caring and knowledgeable. He represented me in 2 cases and did everything possible to get me a conviction that would not disrupt my personal and professional life. He got me a plea, simultaneously for both cases, that I absolutely agreed with. Beyond that, Dan listened, understood and sympathized with me when I shared my private struggles with him. My previous attorney took on my case, but we did not develop a rapport. So when I needed legal assistance once more I assumed my contact with Dan would be similar, just business. I was completely taken back when he showed concern and empathy, and for that, I will always highly esteem and recommend Dan Chambers. He is the greatest attorney in the OC!! I cannot thank you enough Dan. Thank you and your team for everything! God bless you.




Highly Recommended

I highly recommend Chambers Law Firm. Mr Chambers handled our case for us and did an OUTSTANDING job! Very Professional and Caring about us as People, not just clients. He handled our Civil Matter for us , with the Least amount of wasted Time and Money. If you Need a Good Law Firm , We Recommend Chambers Law ! THANK’S Dan !


Steve W.

Hopefully, no one will ever need Dan’s services, but if you do you will not be disappointed. He is an awesome attorney. I had a felony charge against me. You can only imagine the stress I was going through. I would have lost my job if convicted. His confidence and knowledge kept my stress level at a manageable level. He got me a not guilty verdict. I can never show enough appreciation I have for him. He was so compassionate and understanding. He was my attorney, but now he will be my friend for life.

Cali Y.

Dan & his team are fantastic!!! He is smart, knowledgeable, trustworthy & committed to his clients. If you are in a bind, I highly recommend contacting Chambers Law Firm.

Joseph C.

Yes, things went very well. I meant to text you, but I have been soooo busy. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help, you really came through for me and Ericka at a very turbulent time and delivered real results. You are definitely the man Mr. Dan, and I hope I don’t need your services again, but if I do, lol, there is no one else I would call!
Take care Sir and once again thank you.

Priscilla C.

My case began in January 2017 and Dan Chambers worked his butt off from then until today. Although my case took a long time to be resolved, Dan never made it easy for the district attorney. In the end, I WON my case. Dan is an amazing attorney. I would definitely recommend him to all my family and friends. Thanks, Dan

Johnpaul Blas

I could not speak highly enough of Dan Chambers at Chambers Law Firm if I tried, his knowledge and work ethic to give his clients the best possible chances of winning their case is mind-blowing. He is worth whatever rate he gives you – he is fair and understanding. I cannot thank him enough for the great job he did working with me — especially reminding me to trust him and not to beat myself up because he is very good at what he does.

Kimberleigh Bober

Dan is an excellent defense attorney. Very professional, experienced, highly knowledgeable, and personable. I would recommend his services. He’s a fighter…and is willing to stand up for you at all lengths. I wouldn’t put my faith or trust into the hands of anyone other than Dan’s. I definitely recommend his services.
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