Randall Clark

I don’t have much experience with attorneys, so my review might now be the best; however, if I ever find myself in the position where I need one again, Chambers Law Firm will be the first and only law firm I call.

I reached out to Mr. Chambers back in 2018 to help with my case, a misdemeanor DUI, a misdemeanor under the influence charge, and felony possession with the intent to sell charge. Where other attorneys did not even return my call, Mr. Chambers did return my call and decide to see me. After meeting Mr. Chambers for a consultation, I decided that I would take his offer and retain him for my case. I chose to do this in part because he was the only attorney that agreed to see me, but also because I was impressed by his knowledge and skill and, more importantly, his heart. I could tell after that first meeting Mr. Chambers was an attorney who was doing what he did because he enjoyed the work, and he enjoyed helping people. He saw people as people, not just paychecks. However, this initial assessment of Mr. Chambers was, lucky for me, not accurate. I underestimated how much of a personal interest in his clients Mr. Chambers takes. As my case went on, I began to see Mr. Chambers as much as a friend as an attorney. A friend that was skilled and knowledgeable in law and was willing to fight and keep fighting till was confident he was getting me the best deal. By the end of the case, Mr. Chamber managed to get two of the three charges dropped, and the third one was reduced to a misdemeanor, and while Mr. Chambers was willing to fight longer to get the final charge dismissed, I decided to take the deal that was offered.

In summary, Mr. Chambers is an exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled attorney who cares about his client and will fight to bring you the best outcome on your case. And while I hope that you may not need an attorney, chances are if you are reading this, you probably do, and if I am correct, stop looking and call the Chambers Law Firm. Now.

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