The moment I read Mr. Chambers response to my legal request I posted, I knew he was the one. I contacted Mr. Chambers to explain in detail what my issue was & from that point he immediately took action & there was never initial conversation of him needing monetary compensation, which was even more refreshing because nowadays everyone is always chasing the “Mighty Dollar”. He always reassured me that he was going to “take care of me & for me not to worry”.

Long story short, I contacted Mr.Chambers & within 2 1/2 days he was able to resolve my legal issues for me. And to top it off he did all of this for me while we were 11,000 miles away from each other because I live in Japan.

Mr. Chambers is to be commended on his knowledge, attentiveness, compassion, persistence & professionalism amongst many other professional attributes.

I would definitely recommend Mr. Chambers! Thank you so much!

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