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There Are a Number of Potential Defense Options to a Charge of Kidnapping

September 25, 2019

There Are a Number of Potential Defense Options to a Charge of Kidnapping

There is no question about it: Kidnapping is a serious crime. Depending on the specifics of the case, it can result in felony charges and up to eight years in prison. With such serious consequences on the line, you do not want to trust your case to just anyone. Read on to learn about the types of kidnapping, defense options, and how to choose the right criminal defense attorney. Then contact Chambers Law Firm at 855-397-0210 for a free legal consultation.

There Are Numerous Types of Kidnapping Charges

Before determining the best defense for kidnapping charges, it is important to understand that the specific type of kidnapping charge will have a large effect on the right defense options. The types of kidnapping charges include:

  • Simple kidnapping. When a person uses force or fear to get a person to move a substantial distance against their consent, they may be guilty of simple kidnapping.
  • Aggravated kidnapping. Making a ransom demand or inflicting serious bodily harm or death on a person during a kidnapping can result in aggravated kidnapping. This is a felony charge that can also involve things like carjacking, extortion, robbery, and specific sex crimes. Aggravated kidnapping can result in a life sentence behind bars.
  • False imprisonment. Keeping a person restrained, detained, or confined against their will is false imprisonment. This charge has less severe consequences and in some cases, a more serious charge can be negotiated down to this charge.
  • Child abduction. As the name implies, this is a kidnapping that involves a child. One unique aspect of this charge is that, unlike other types of kidnapping, it does not require the perpetrator to move the victim a significant distance. Child abduction can apply to any situation in which a person prevents a child from seeing someone who has custody rights to said child.

The type of kidnapping charges you are facing will determine the defense options we pursue.

The Best Defense Options for a Charge of Kidnapping

Of course, the best defense option for any specific charge of kidnapping will depend on the situation and the evidence the accused is facing. We begin by analyzing all the facts of your case. We find the right defense based on the forensic evidence, eyewitnesses evidence, and other evidence. Our best option is to prove that you are innocent.

If you were involved in something with the victim, we can look at which elements of the alleged crime have not been proven. For example, we may argue that the victim was moved with their consent, or that they were not moved a substantial distance.

No matter the situation, there are always defense options. You can reach out to Chambers Law Firm at 855-397-0210 now to request your free legal consultation. After listening to your case, we can find the best way to defend you.

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