True or False: DUI Blood and Breath Tests Are Always Accurate and Impossible to Defend Against

True or False: DUI Blood and Breath Tests Are Always Accurate and Impossible to Defend Against

You might be shocked to learn that breath and blood tests aren’t always reliable. When assessing degrees of drunkenness, there are several ways that blood and breath tests can yield too high readings. Know that a conviction isn’t guaranteed if a blood or breath test is the main piece of evidence used against you in a DUI case.

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Refusing a breathalyzer or blood test

The police officer will undoubtedly request that you take a “preliminary alcohol screening” breath test if you are pulled over on suspicion of DUI. If you don’t want to take one, the police officer will probably arrest you unless you’re under 21 or currently on probation for a prior DUI. You will be required to submit to a breath or blood test that is referred to as “evidential” once you get to the police station.

Don’t give up!

You shouldn’t give up if your blood alcohol level is found to be higher than .08%. This test may be wrong in a variety of ways. According to the specifics of your case, a top-notch DUI defense lawyer like Dan Chambers of Chambers Law Firm will develop the appropriate legal plan.

Important countermeasures for breathalyzers

This crucial piece of proof may be weakened in a number of different ways. One could argue that the breathalyzer apparatus was not adequately calibrated, the breathalyzer device did not undergo the necessary accuracy checks, the test’s supervisor, a police officer, made a mistake, environmental contamination tainted the breath sample, your health problem is the reason the reading was off, or that your case was not accurately documented by the police.

Blood tests are not always accurate either

Although blood tests are typically thought to be more accurate than breath tests, they could still be ruled inadmissible in court if Attorney Chambers can show that they were carried out improperly. The initial blood draw itself, the testing tools, and the way the blood sample is treated in the lab are just a few of the many possible ways the blood alcohol level could be off.

When the police officer suspected you of DUI, there might not have been sufficient probable cause to request a blood sample. It might be very challenging for a prosecutor to show you were DUI if the blood test revealed the presence of prescription medicines.

Attorney Chambers may be able to convince the court that you weren’t even drunk when you were arrested because there are no fixed limits for the amount of prescription drug substances that may be in your system while operating a motor vehicle.

Find a DUI defense lawyer that will carefully examine the specifics of your case and devise the best plan of action if you want to successfully challenge the results of a blood or breath test in your DUI case. He might be able to get the charges against you dropped, stop jail time from being added to your punishment, or get another positive result in your DUI case.

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