Will You Serve Time if You Plead Guilty to a DUI Charge? Not Necessarily – Learn About the Options

Will You Serve Time if You Plead Guilty to a DUI Charge? Not Necessarily – Learn About the Options Anyone who has had numerous DUI convictions in California has the very real risk of going to prison. The number of prior DUI and “wet reckless” crimes you have had in the last 10 years, as well as your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of this arrest, will determine how long you may spend in jail.

It might be time to think about alternatives to incarceration if these circumstances make jail time all but likely. If you are charged with DUI, a reputable DUI attorney may be able to work out an alternate plan to keep you out of jail. Read on to learn more and then contact Chambers Law Firm at 714-760-4088 to learn more.

A potential substitute is the SCRAM Bracelet

A court may come to the conclusion that a specific person has a significant alcohol addiction issue in circumstances involving several past DUIs. For that defendant, a particular gadget may be required to make sure they don’t drink and drive or otherwise ingest any alcohol.

SCRAM wristbands are the name of these gadgets. Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor is referred to as SCRAM. A person wears a tamper-proof gadget around their ankle. It continually checks the individual’s blood alcohol content and can send the results to law police.

The bracelet does not require the user to perform any actions; instead, it merely collects a sample of the wearer’s perspiration and analyzes it for alcohol, unlike breathalyzers or ignition interlock devices.

Transdermal alcohol testing is what it is

The sweat is typically analyzed once every 30 minutes, every day. Any amount of alcohol would be discovered and reported, which may lead to the person being jailed. Law enforcement will be contacted if someone tries to remove the bracelet or succeeds in doing so, and they will probably be sent to jail. The SCRAM bracelet also functions as a GPS tracker, enabling law enforcement to track whether a wearer has complied with any restrictions on where they can go or house arrest.

There are some people who can benefit more from the SCRAM bracelet than others

In most cases, judges will only require defendants to wear SCRAM bracelets if they have a history of DUI offenses or if a plea agreement has been negotiated between the prosecution and the defendant’s lawyer to avoid jail time. The gadget may be especially useful for people trying to kick their alcohol addictions since it may deter users from drinking only by threatening them with jail time.

Requirements of the SCRAM bracelet program

Unless the person cannot afford to do so, the expense of wearing and monitoring a SCRAM device is typically covered by the individual. A defendant may be required to wear a SCRAM bracelet for up to a year at the judge’s discretion. Your SCRAM bracelet wear duration will be determined by the number of past crimes you have, the circumstances surrounding your current arrest, and the seriousness of your alcohol problem.

Benefits of Wearing a SCRAM Bracelet

Even while using a SCRAM device may seem like an excessively onerous burden, for many offenders it is frequently preferable to going to jail. You may still go to work, school, or attend family gatherings while wearing a SCRAM bracelet. You simply cannot drink alcohol, and the gadget could be useful for folks with addiction problems.

Most individuals try to avoid going to jail or prison since it is a traumatic event that can change their lives. Losing your job, failing your classes, or even losing your home are all serious life-altering outcomes that may occur. It may also have a detrimental effect on your relationships with family and close friends. Even though wearing a SCRAM bracelet is challenging, it is typically preferable to being locked up.

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A knowledgeable DUI attorney may be able to negotiate an alternative to jail time, such as wearing a SCRAM bracelet, if you have a history of previous DUI convictions and have been caught for another DUI violation. Even while it’s not for everyone, this gadget can be just what you need to restart your life and become sober.

Chambers Law Firm is adept at negotiating plea agreements with prosecutors on behalf of our clients and identifying alternatives to incarceration. If you have been convicted of DUI more than once and are worried about going to jail, get in touch with us right away at 714-760-4088 or dchambers@clfca.com to get a free legal consultation and find out how we can assist you.

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