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Will Your Murder Case Be Tried in a State or Federal Court?

July 24, 2020

Will Your Murder Case Be Tried in a State or Federal Court?

In most cases, a person charged with a homicide will face state charges. However, there are specific situations in which they might face charges in federal court. Read on to learn what those differences are and discover where a case might be tired in your experience. If you need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney then we suggest you contact Chambers Law Firm at 855-397-0210 for a free legal consultation.

Situations in Which Murder Charges are Brought in Federal Court

The situations in which a murder charge might be brought into federal court are those in which there is a violation of federal law, or a crime that takes place on a federal land/territory. For example, a murder charge could be a federal crime if a person commits murder while they are committing a bank robbery.

Other examples of murder that are likely to be charged as federal crimes include when the victim is a federal judge or a member of law enforcement or the immediate family member of a federal law enforcement officer, when the murder is of an elected or appointed federal judge, when the kill takes place at sea on a vessel engaged in interstate commerce, the murder was intended to influence the outcome of a court case, or the murder takes place on federal property such as a national park.

Federal Murder Charges Can Vary

If a person is charged with a federal murder case, they will face either first-degree or second-degree murder. First-degree is more serious and can result in a life sentence or even the death penalty. Second-degree murder charges can lead to many years of federal prison and even life in prison.

Defense Options for Federal Charges of Murder

The best way to defend yourself against the charge(s) you face will depend on the specifics of your case. Some of the most common are showing that you acted in self-defense, that you committed the act but it was an accident and therefore did not qualify as murder, or that you acted by reason of insanity. Of course, your defense might simply be that you were not involved in the death at all and it is a case of mistaken identity.

We Can Help Whether You Face Federal or State Charges

It does not matter if you are facing federal felony charges or state felony charges: Chambers Law Firm is here to help you. Just call our offices by calling 855-397-0210 and we will provide a free case evaluation. Remember that you do not have to have been formally charged to talk to an attorney – the sooner we can start working on your case, the better.

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