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Assault & battery are actually two separate and distinct crimes, but they are often committed together. In the state of California, assault is defined as the willful attempt to inflict harm on another person, while battery is the actual act of deliberately inflicting that harm. In other words, an assault is the attempt to commit battery, and a battery is a completed assault. If you have been charged with either or both of these crimes, you’ll need the help of an expert Southern California assault & battery defense lawyer to represent you in the legal proceedings and protect your rights.

Penalties for Assault & Battery

The penalties for assault & battery vary according to what kind of harm was attempted and the severity of the resulting injuries. Sometimes, if the injury was very minor, a prosecutor will charge the defendant with simple assault rather than assault & battery. Most assault & battery charges are misdemeanors, potentially resulting in probation, community service, fines, and/or six months in county jail. Assaults with a deadly weapon, as well as aggravated assault or aggravated battery causing serious injury can be charged as felonies and may result in several years in state prison. Assault & battery against a police officer or as part of an incident of domestic violence will result in stiffer penalties.

Possible Legal Defenses

A criminal defense lawyer has several options available to them when it comes to mounting a legal defense in an assault & battery case. For example, they might seek to prove that you acted in self-defense, or to defend others, in which case your actions were justified. Your assault & battery defense attorney can also argue that you either lacked the intent to harm or the physical ability to carry out any threat of harm in order to beat an assault charge, or argue that the injuries were inflicted accidentally to beat a battery charge. They may also attempt to reduce the penalties for felony charge by arguing that the injuries suffered by the victim were not sufficiently serious to merit the felony classification.

Choosing Your Southern California Assault & Battery Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of assault & battery, you need expert legal help to defend your rights. As your southern California criminal defense attorney, Dan E Chambers will use every legal strategy at his disposal in an attempt to mount a successful legal defense that will prevent an assault & battery conviction from negatively impacting your life. You can rely on Dan to be available when you need him and provide a superior legal defense strategy.

The Following Penal Code Sections Apply to Assault and Battery: PC 240 through 248