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A conspiracy begins as a plan to commit a crime with one or more partners. As soon as any of the partners takes an overt step in carrying out or preparing to carry out this crime, the plan becomes a conspiracy and can be prosecuted as such. Note that the step taken does not have to be a crime in and of itself, nor does it have to be committed by you in order for criminal conspiracy charges to be brought against you. For example, if you entered an agreement to burn down a house, even if another conspirator bought the matches and yet another conspirator committed the actual arson, all three of you are considered conspirators. The person who actually set the fire would face an additional, separate charge for that act. If you have been accused of participating in a conspiracy, you’ll definitely want to hire an expert Southern California conspiracy defense lawyer to help you.

Penalties for Conspiracy

Typically, the penalties for conspiracy depend on the severity of the crime planned by the conspirators. For example, a conspiracy to commit a rape would be charged as a felony because rape is a felony, and punished with the same penalties as rape. In cases where the conspiracy involves several different crimes, you will face the penalties associated with the severest crime. If you are involved in a conspiracy to commit fraud, the prosecution can choose whether to prosecute the conspiracy crime as a misdemeanor or a felony. Because the penalties for conspiracy can vary so widely, you will definitely want to have a Southern California criminal defense attorney explain the potential penalties associated with your particular case.

Possible Legal Defenses

A conspiracy defense attorney may need to mount two different legal defenses for you: one to prove you were not involved in the conspiracy, and one to prove you did not commit the crime planned through the conspiracy. In order to disprove conspiracy charges, your attorney can try to prove that there was no agreement (tacit or otherwise), that you withdrew from the conspiracy, or that the overt act required to transform an idea for a crime to an official conspiracy never really occurred.

Choosing Your Southern California Conspiracy Defense Lawyer

Because conspiracy cases can be quite complicated, you will naturally want to choose a criminal defense lawyer that has plenty of experience in coming up with aggressive, innovative, and effective legal strategies. Dan E Chambers is just such an attorney. You can rely on him to leave no stone unturned in his efforts to provide an effective legal defense against your conspiracy charges.

The Following Penal Code Sections Apply to Conspiracy: PC 182 through 185