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If you are stopped by a police officer at a field sobriety test checkpoint, for a routine traffic violation, or for no discernible reason at all, the officer may request that you submit to a breathalyzer test. You can refuse to take this test, but note that every person who obtains a California drivers license is considered to have given “Implied Consent” to submit to a DUI test when lawfully arrested on suspicion of DUI. This means that if you are arrested and taken to the police station, you will be required to submit to a breathalyzer or blood test at that point. If your blood alcohol level is over .08%, or if you test positive for drugs like marijuana or cocaine, you can be charged with drunk driving or DUI. If you are arrested for DUI, be sure to call a Southern California drunk driving/DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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costly effect of driving while intoxicatedDrunk driving or DUI is usually prosecuted as a misdemeanor in California, unless you have already had three or more DUIs or your impaired driving caused an accident that injured another individual, in which case it will be treated as a felony. If the accident resulted in a death, you may be subject to the penalties for vehicular manslaughter. Penalties for a typical DUI include probation, fines, and mandatory attendance at DUI school. You will also automatically have your driver’s license suspended for four months, unless you and your criminal defense lawyer contact the DMV within 10 days of your DUI and successfully challenge the suspension.

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Out of State DUI ChargeDrug-related DUIs are somewhat easier to defend against than alcohol-related ones, because there is no specific limit for the amount of a given drug that can be in your system while driving. However, your drunk driving/DUI defense attorney is by no means powerless in alcohol-related DUI cases. Breathalyzers and blood tests can both give false positives, so one highly effective legal defense strategy is to look for evidence of contamination or error in a blood test or for evidence of any of the 100+ medical conditions, legal substances, and equipment malfunctions that can cause incorrect breathalyzer results.

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Choosing Your Huntington Beach DUI Defense Lawyer

Chamber law firm-GraphicBecause DUI and drunk driving cases require specialized knowledge of the technical processes involved in blood and breathalyzer testing, you need a Huntington Beach criminal defense attorney who understands these areas thoroughly. Dan E Chambers is just such an attorney. He will examine the evidence in your case thoroughly and then fight for your rights.

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The Following Vehicle Code Sections Apply To DUI: VC Sections 23152 Through 23229.1