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Are you missing out on opportunities because of your criminal record? Get help from an expert expungement attorney now.

If you have a criminal record, you are probably having trouble passing the background checks that may be required in order to be considered for a new job, get approved for a new rental unit, obtain various California professional licenses, or join a professional organization. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to let your criminal convictions haunt you forever. Some convictions are eligible for expungement, which will essentially erase them from your criminal record and prevent them from popping up in future background checks. A southern California expungement lawyer can help you determine if you are eligible for expungement and get the process started.

Can an Expungement Attorney Help You?

In the state of California, almost everyone who was convicted of a felony or misdemeanor but did not serve time in prison may expunge their criminal records. The only exception is individuals with convictions for certain crimes against minors, which may never be expunged. You must wait until you have successfully completed all the terms of your probation, including paying fines and restitution, completing counseling programs, doing your community service, and attending all required court appearances. Assuming you have not committed any parole violations or been charged with any new crimes during this period, you are automatically eligible to have your records expunged. Just contact an expungement attorney to get the process started.

Expungement Does Have Limitations

While a criminal defense lawyer can help you expunge convictions so that they don’t turn up on ordinary background checks, the police and the courts may still have access to these records. This means that an expunged conviction can still count as a strike under the California three strikes rule, and it can still be referenced by a judge when determining sentencing for any crimes you may be convicted of in the future.

Sealing and Destroying Arrest Records

Your southern California criminal defense attorney can also help you with the sealing and destroying of arrest records. This is a different process from expungement, but the end result is similar—the records in question will no longer show up in a background check. You can get arrest records sealed and destroyed if you were arrested but the charges were later dropped, the case was dismissed in court, or you were acquitted of the charges in a jury trial.

Dan E Chambers can provide assistance and advice regarding both expungement and sealing and destroying of arrest records.