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Although the terms homicide and murder are often used interchangeably, they are actually two different things. Homicide is an umbrella term for any type of killing. It includes murder, which is a killing involving “malice aforethought.” This concept of malice is not limited to specific ill will or hatred towards the victim. A “wanton disregard for human life” leading to the commission of an act that is very likely to result in a death can also be considered malice. A killing without malice aforethought is not a murder, but it is still a homicide and may be prosecuted as voluntary or involuntary manslaughter. If you have been charged with homicide or murder, you could be looking at life in prison or even the death penalty if convicted. Naturally you will want to engage an expert Southern California homicide/murder defense lawyer to handle your case.

Penalties for Homicide/Murder

The exact penalties for homicide or murder ultimately depend on what specific crime you are convicted of. Capital murder is the most serious type of murder, and it is always punished with the death penalty or life without parole. There are 20 different situations that can be termed capital murder, including murdering multiple victims, murdering a police officer, and murdering someone for financial gain. Under California’s felony-murder rule, if a death occurs during the course of the commission of a dangerous felony, it can be treated as murder and punished accordingly, regardless of whether the death was intentional, accidental, or negligent.

Possible Legal Defenses

A skilled criminal defense lawyer can defend against murder charges in several ways. First of all, they may attempt to prove that the murder was actually an excusable or justifiable homicide because you were acting in self defense. A homicide/murder defense attorney may also present evidence to prove that the killing was an accident, that you were temporarily insane, that a confession was coerced, or that the police conducted an illegal search or seizure to acquire key evidence in the case. Arguing that you did not commit the killing at all is also a possibility, especially if the evidence placing you at the scene or establishing motive/intent is weak.

Choosing Your Southern California Homicide/Murder Defense Lawyer

Homicide and murder charges are quite serious, so you definitely don’t want to trust your case to any old Southern California criminal defense attorney. Instead, choose Dan E Chambers. Dan has the skills and experience needed to evaluate the prosecution’s evidence and determine how to combat that evidence. As a former prosecutor himself, he knows how prosecutors think and he can outmaneuver them in your legal defense.