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Internet crime is a broad term that can incorporate many different types of offenses committed online, not just computer hacking. Internet fraud is a very common kind of internet crime, and includes things like making fraudulent online purchases. California also has cyberstalking laws, which make it an internet crime to harass or stalk anyone via text or email or using an electronic communication device. Downloading or sharing child pornography online or sending “harmful matter” over the internet to a minor with the intent of seducing them are internet crimes as well as sex crimes. Internet crime can be complicated, so you’ll need the help of an expert Southern California internet crime defense lawyer to protect your rights and handle and internet crime charges.

Penalties for Internet Crime

Depending on the type of internet crime you are accused of, you may be charged in federal court or in state court, and different penalties will apply. Usually, internet crimes are considered misdemeanors if no one is injured and less than $950 worth of services or software was used. Misdemeanor internet crimes can result in a year in jail and a fine of up to $5,000. Internet crimes become felonies when more than $950 is involved and can be punished with up to 3 years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000. In cases of internet fraud, you may be required to pay restitution to victims in addition to serving your sentence. Internet crimes involving sexual misconduct with a minor may also carry mandatory lifetime sex offender registration as an additional consequence of conviction.

Possible Legal Defenses for Internet or Cybercrimes

The strategy your criminal defense lawyer will use depends on the specific type of internet crime you stand accused of. For example, in a case of fraud your internet crime defense attorney would seek to disprove intent, as the intention to defraud is a key element of the prosecutor’s case. Defenses for other types of internet crimes may include proving that you were not involved in the crime or that you sincerely believed you had the right to access the computers or data in question.

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Choosing Your Southern California Internet Crime Defense Lawyer

Because internet crimes are so varied, you need a southern California criminal defense attorney with broad experience in defending against all kinds of charges. Dan E Chambers has the experience needed to create an expert defense for your case, no matter what specific kind of internet crime may be involved.