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Southern California Juvenile Crimes Defense Attorney

Is your child facing charges for juvenile crimes? Get help from an expert juvenile crimes defense attorney now

Criminal convictions have a tendency to follow people around for the rest of their lives, prejudicing others against them and even preventing them from getting certain jobs or passing background checks for housing applications. Do you want this fate for your child? Of course not. That’s why you need to enlist the aid of an expert Southern California juvenile crimes defense lawyer right now. Your juvenile crimes defense attorney will be able to help with all kinds of charges that can be brought against individuals under 18 in juvenile court, including status offenses such as truancy, curfew violations, and underage drinking, which are crimes only because of the minor’s young age, as well as delinquency crimes, which are offenses that would be crimes regardless of the perpetrator’s age. Of course, if the minor is 14 or over and allegedly commits a serious crime such as murder, they will have to be tried as an adult. Your criminal defense lawyer can help with that too.

Penalties for Juvenile Crimes

Crimes tried in juvenile court are not presented to a jury, but instead decided by a judge. The judge can choose from many different “dispositions” (sentences) if they find that the minor committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. These dispositions range from informal probation to fines and community service or even commitment to a juvenile hall or to juvenile prison for more serious offenses. Many types of juvenile records are eligible to be automatically expunged if the minor completes their probation and stays out of trouble in the future.

Possible Legal Defenses

Typically, the most effective strategy a juvenile crimes defense attorney can take is to undermine the evidence presented to the judge so that the judge will not be able to determine that the minor committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Beyond that, specific strategies tailored to the various crimes allegedly committed may be used.

Choosing Your Southern California Juvenile Crimes Defense Lawyer

When your child’s future is at stake, you want the best possible Southern California criminal defense attorney you can find. Dan E Chambers is an excellent choice of attorney for juvenile cases because he is thorough, aggressive, and tenacious in his approach to building a defense against accusations of juvenile crime.