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Both probation and parole offer ways for individuals convicted of a crime to avoid serving out their complete sentence behind bars. Probation typically is granted in lieu of serving any time in jail, while parole applies to individuals who have already served part of their sentence in jail and have been conditionally released. In either case, the individual on probation or parole must comply with all the requirements of their parole or probation agreement to avoid a revocation of their privileges. Examples of parole or probation violations which may lead to incarceration include failing to appear for a court date, not complying with a court order for a fine or restitution, failing to report to the probation or parole officer, committing a new crime, or not passing any required drug tests. If you have been charged with a parole or probation violation and you value your freedom, you need to contact an expert Southern California parole violations/probation violations defense lawyer immediately.

Penalties for Parole Violations/Probation Violations

If you are found guilty of a parole or probation violation, the judge will look carefully at the details of the case as well as your criminal background before determining the penalty. The judge will also take the recommendations of the probation department into consideration. You will either have your parole or probation reinstated, revoked, or modified with new terms and conditions. If your parole or probation is revoked, you will have to serve out the remainder of your sentence in jail.

Possible Legal Defenses

The first thing a criminal defense lawyer will do is attempt to disprove the allegations against you. This is more difficult in a parole or probation violation hearing than in a jury trial, because whereas the jury in a court case must conclude that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the judge in a hearing must only conclude that there is a preponderance of evidence suggesting your guilt. If the evidence against you is strong, a parole violations/probation violations defense attorney can still help by presenting evidence that will help convince the judge not to revoke your probation or parole, but only to modify it and give you a second chance.

Choosing Your Southern California Parole Violations/Probation Violations Defense Lawyer

Because parole and probation hearings are different than standard criminal trials, you need a Southern California criminal defense attorney with specific experience in these types of hearings. Dan E Chambers has the experience and expertise that you need. He will fight for you and do all the necessary research into the facts of your case in order to give you the best possible chance of staying out of jail.