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Perjury is defined as deliberately providing false information while under oath. For example, lying while testifying in court or speaking in a deposition would be considered perjury. Perjury can also apply to written communications such as signed affidavits, declarations, certificates, or DMV applications. The crime of subornation to perjury can occur when one individual convinces another to perjure himself or herself. Often, the key to a perjury case is proving that the false information was deliberately given, and with the help of an expert Southern California perjury defense lawyer, you may be able to prevent the prosecution from establishing this necessary level of intent.

Penalties for Perjury

Perjury is always a felony, but if your case involves providing false information on a DMV document, you may also face a separate misdemeanor charge for DMV perjury. The penalty for DMV perjury can be up to six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine, possibly in addition to the penalty for a felony perjury, which can be up to four years in state prison and/or $10,000. At their discretion, judges may sentence perjurers to probation rather than to prison, or to a combination of probation and up to one year in a county jail.

Possible Legal Defenses

Perjury is often difficult to prove because the cases tend to be complicated. A criminal defense lawyer often has multiple opportunities to derail the prosecution’s case by introducing doubts as to the intention behind the false information that was provided under oath. For example, the defense lawyer may suggest that the false statement was the result of ignorance or misinformation, and the alleged perjurer actually believed they were telling the truth. It’s also possible for a perjury defense attorney to argue that the defendant didn’t understand the question properly and therefore seemed to provide a false answer. This defense is often useful in DMV perjury cases, since DMV forms tend to be complicated and alleged perjurers may not understand the information they are meant to provide. One final possibility for the defense is to prove that the defendant was not sworn in properly and therefore the testimony or statement was not actually given under oath and could not possibly qualify as perjury.

Choosing Your Southern California Perjury and/or DMV Perjury Defense Lawyer

Perjury cases are taken quite seriously by prosecutors, so you need a dedicated Southern California criminal defense attorney to fight back. In the event of a case involving the DMV, you also need a professional with specific experience working as a DMV perjury defense attorney, as these types of cases have many unique aspects that a less experienced attorney might overlook. Dan E. Chambers has the skills & experienced needed to help you build a strong legal defense against perjury or DMV perjury. He will incorporate many different angles of attack to give you the best possible chance of disproving the perjury charges and getting an acquittal.

The Following Penal Code Sections apply to Perjury: PC Sections 118 Through 131