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Southern California Property Crimes Defense Attorney

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Property crime is an umbrella term that includes various different types of crimes against property, such as burglary, auto theft, larceny, vandalism, petty theft, and arson. As a general rule, property crimes are perpetrated without bodily harm. For example, stealing a wallet from a home without harming the owner would be burglary, while stealing that same wallet directly from the owner after punching him in the face would be robbery, which is not considered a property crime. Depending on the type of crime involved and the amount of goods stolen or damaged, property crimes can be quite serious. You will definitely want to hire an expert Southern California property crimes defense lawyer if you’ve been charged with a property crime.

Penalties for Property Crimes

Penalties for property crimes can range from less than a year in jail for something like misdemeanor vandalism to up to 10 years in state prison for more serious crimes like felony aggravated arson. The exact penalties possible in your particular case will depend on the type of crime, any prior convictions you may have, and how much damage was done.

Possible Legal Defenses

A criminal defense lawyer can fight any type of property crimes charge by arguing that it is a case of mistaken identity and/or the prosecution does not have sufficient evidence to convict. A property crimes defense attorney can also adopt strategies related to the specific type of property crime, such as arguing that the damage or destruction alleged in a vandalism case or the fire set in an arson case was accidental, not deliberate.

Choosing Your Southern California Property Crimes Defense Lawyer

Because property crimes cases can be very complex and involve issues related to technical forensic evidence, it is very important to choose a southern California criminal defense attorney with specific experience in this type of case. Dan E Chambers makes an excellent choice because he has the experience and the dedication required to build the best possible defense case for you.