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Racketeering is basically any organized criminal activity. It may refer to an illegal business, or to a legal business that commits illegal acts. Protection racketeering and labor racketeering are probably the most common types of racketeering. Protection racketeering is an illegal business that coerces people into paying for “protection,” and labor racketeering is the illegal use of unions or employee benefit plans for profit. However, all kinds of crimes, including murder, kidnapping, arson, embezzlement, fraud, and drug trafficking, can support a racketeering charge if they are committed as part of an overall organized criminal plan. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO Act) is a federal law providing the basis for many racketeering charges. With the help of an expert Southern California racketeering/RICO violations defense lawyer, you can fight back against these charges.

Penalties for Racketeering/RICO Violations

The penalties for racketeering or for RICO violations can include fines, prison time, and probation, as well as the confiscation or forfeiture of any profits gained from the illegal activities perpetrated by the organization. Individuals convicted of RICO violations also open themselves up to lawsuits that enable private citizens to request damages of up to three times the amount actually lost to the organization.

Possible Legal Defenses

When fighting a RICO charge, a criminal defense lawyer can attempt to prove that the defendant was not actually part of any organization. A racketeering/RICO violations defense attorney can also argue that the defendant did not actually commit the specific crime such as murder, arson, etc. that is supporting the RICO charge.

Choosing Your Southern California Racketeering/RICO Violations Defense Lawyer

If you are facing charges for racketeering or RICO violations, you need to take steps right away to protect your rights. Calling an expert Southern California criminal defense attorney like Dan E Chambers is an excellent first step. Dan will thoroughly examine the prosecution’s evidence and research all the details of your case to come up with the strongest possible defense strategy.