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Southern California Sex Trafficking Defense Attorney

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Sex trafficking consists of forcing, coercing, or transporting a person for the purpose of using them in prostitution. Prostitution is defined as accepting money, goods, or services in exchange for performing a sexual act. California prostitution law allows for the prosecution of three separate categories of prostitution participants: the prostitute, the customer, and the middleman or pimp. The prostitute and customer can be charged with engaging in the sex act or with offering or agreeing to the act, which is called solicitation. The pimp can be prosecuted for arranging or participating in the agreement, receiving a portion of the payment, supervising or aiding a prostitute, or procuring a prostitute via sex trafficking. If you’ve been accused of sex trafficking or any other sex crime related to prostitution, you’ll need the help of an expert Southern California sex trafficking defense lawyer to protect your rights.

Penalties for Sex Trafficking

While there is often great societal pressure to arrest and prosecute individuals involved in sex trafficking or prostitution, the penalties for solicitation are not very severe, unless a minor is involved. Normally, a misdemeanor prostitution or solicitation charge results in a maximum of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. However, repeat offenders are subject to increasingly stiff penalties. Individuals convicted of procuring a minor for sex trafficking can be subject to a fine of up to $100,000. Additionally, any assets gained or properties used for the sex trafficking can be confiscated.

Possible Legal Defenses

A criminal defense lawyer can often help individuals accused of solicitation by arguing that the offer for sex was entrapment. When it comes to defending against sex trafficking charges, an attorney will most often focus on undermining the prosecution’s evidence and establishing that their witnesses are untrustworthy. In this way, a sex trafficking defense attorney can show that there is insufficient evidence for a conviction.

Choosing Your Southern California Sex Trafficking Defense Lawyer

Sex trafficking is a very serious crime, so if you have been charged, you need to call a Southern California criminal defense attorney. Choose an experienced defense attorney like Dan E Chambers and rest assured that a dedicated professional is working hard to establish a solid defense and keep you out of prison. As a former prosecutor himself, Dan knows how prosecutors think and he can outmaneuver them in your legal defense.