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Southern California Sexual Battery/Sexual Misconduct Defense Attorney

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The term sexual misconduct can apply to a variety of acts intended to obtain sexual gratification or arousal against another’s will, including indecent exposure, lewd acts, and sexual battery or assault. Any type of sexual misconduct becomes more serious when committed against a minor. Sexual battery can also include acts committed for the purpose of abuse. A typical example of misdemeanor sexual battery or assault is touching someone without permission. This contact would be considered a felony if the victim is restrained, institutionalized or otherwise incapacitated, or fraudulently convinced that the contact was for professional purposes, such as a medical exam. It is important to note that sexual battery can occur even between married couples or other couples who already have a consensual sexual relationship. If you’ve been accused of sexual battery or sexual misconduct, an expert Southern California sexual battery/sexual misconduct defense lawyer can help you protect your rights.

Penalties for Sexual Battery/Sexual Misconduct

Misdemeanor sexual battery carries a maximum penalty of six to 12 months in jail, plus a fine. Felony sexual battery can be punished with two to four years in state prison and a fine of up to $10,000. Both types of sexual battery charges will result in mandatory compliance with sex offender registration requirements. If additional crimes were committed in the course of the sexual battery, such as causing or threatening to cause physical harm before or after the non-consensual contact, additional charges for assault & battery and additional penalties may apply.

Possible Legal Defenses

One typical defense against sexual misconduct or sexual battery is that the contact or act was actually consensual.  A criminal defense lawyer can also argue that there is insufficient evidence to prove sexual misconduct or sexual battery, or that the allegations are totally false.

Choosing Your Southern California Sexual Battery/Sexual Misconduct Defense Lawyer

Because being convicted of a sex crime can haunt you the rest of your life, you need to get expert help right away from a qualified Southern California criminal defense attorney. As your sexual battery/sexual misconduct defense attorney, Dan E Chambers can bring his years of experience to bear on your case and quickly and efficiently develop a strong legal defense. He’ll give you the best possible chance of achieving a favorable outcome to the case.