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Southern California Technology Crimes Defense Attorney

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Technology crimes can include cybercrimes born out of new technology as well as traditional crimes committed with the aid of this new technology. For example, hacking, phishing, and the creation of viruses, spyware, and botnets are all examples of new technology crimes. Internet fraud, identity theft, extortion, and corporate espionage are examples of traditional crimes that simply use new technology as a means to an end. Fraud in particular has adapted extremely quickly to the online environment, and many technology crime cases involve internet frauds like non-delivery of merchandise fraud, advance fee fraud, prize sweepstakes scams, and work at home scams. If you’ve been accused of any type of technology crime, you may find yourself at a loss as to how to proceed. You may not even understand the charges against you. Fortunately, you can engage the services of an expert Southern California technology crimes defense lawyer to help you understand the charges against you and protect your rights.

Penalties for Technology Crimes

The penalties for technology crimes vary according to the amount of damage done to the computer network, the value of stolen or pirated data or software, or the amount of money or property fraudulently taken, as well as according to the exact type of crime committed and the defendant’s criminal history. Your criminal defense lawyer can explain the penalties you may be facing in your particular case.

Possible Legal Defenses

Because there are many different types of technology crimes, there are also many different potential strategies for a technology crimes defense attorney to use. One strategy is to argue that it is a case of mistaken identity or there is insufficient evidence to prove that the defendant committed the crime. Another strategy is to argue that any data or information obtained during the alleged crime was actually the property of the defendant, or was not obtained with fraudulent intent.

Choosing Your Southern California Technology Crimes Defense Lawyer

Because technology crimes can be complicated, you want a Southern California criminal defense attorney with the patience and dedication necessary to thoroughly examine your case and explore every possible avenue of defense. Dan E Chambers will do this for you. He has plenty of experience in highly technical cases and he can help you fight back against charges for technology crimes.