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Theft is a fairly common crime, and the California Penal Code defines many different types of theft, including petty theft, grand theft, grand theft auto, grand theft of a firearm, auto burglary, burglary, embezzlement, robbery, carjacking, and receiving stolen property. The legal language surrounding many theft crimes is quite nuanced, so often an expert Southern California theft defense lawyer will be able to reduce the charges or even get them dropped completely by exploiting these nuances. For example, grand theft auto requires the prosecution to prove that the thief intended to keep the car for a substantial period of time. If the defense attorney can prove that there was no such intent, the theft is considered joyriding or unlawful taking instead of grand theft auto, and will likely be reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor accordingly. This example shows how important it is to have a dedicated attorney who actually cares about your future on your side in a theft case.

Penalties for Theft Crimes

Naturally, the penalties for theft depend on the specific theft crime in question. The least serious type of theft crime is petty theft, which is the unlawful taking of cash or goods (excluding guns) worth less than $950. The first offense of petty theft is always a misdemeanor, but subsequent offenses may be charged as felonies and subject to harsher penalties. Robbery is one of the more serious types of theft crimes, because it can involve violence. Using or brandishing a weapon during a robbery is considered aggravated robbery and/or assault with a deadly weapon and has the potential to lead to sentencing enhancements.

Possible Legal Defenses

Typically, a criminal defense lawyer defends against a theft charge by attempting to prove that the prosecution does not have sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A theft defense attorney may also investigate how the evidence was obtained to see if any illegal searches and seizures were involved and get the evidence thrown out of court. For first-time offenders, the attorney can also attempt to arrange for the charges to be dropped in exchange for an agreement to complete community service or counseling.

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Choosing Your Southern California Theft Crimes Defense Lawyer

Theft cases often involve the analyzing of technical forensic evidence related to the stolen property or crime scenes. A high-quality southern California criminal defense attorney like Dan E Chambers will not shy away from doing this analysis and investigation. Instead, Dan will leave no stone unturned in his search for evidence to use in your defense and help you achieve the most favorable outcome possible to your case.