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Trade secret theft is considered a white collar crime. It involves the unlawful taking of any materials containing intellectual property used by a given company to make itself more profitable. The stolen intellectual property might take the form of a formula, plan, program, pattern, tool, technique, process, mechanism, compound, or device that is not generally known to the public. In order for a theft to qualify as trade secret theft, the company must have taken reasonable precautions to protect the stolen property from disclosure to unauthorized individuals, and the alleged thief must have gained access to the property through a breach of contract, surreptitious surveillance, trespass, bribery, fraud, or other improper means. If you have been charged with trade secret theft, you’ll need the help of an expert Southern California trade secret theft defense lawyer to protect your rights.

Penalties for Trade Secret Theft

Trade secret theft may be punished with fines and jail time. The victim of the theft may also request an injunction preventing the thief from continuing to use or profit from the stolen information. Damages equivalent to the victim’s loss of revenue due to the theft may also be sought.

Possible Legal Defenses

When working on a trade secret theft case, a criminal defense lawyer can use several strategies. First, the lawyer can argue that it is a case of mistaken identity and the defendant had nothing to do with the theft, either because there is insufficient evidence to prove guilt or because the evidence actually points to someone else. Secondly, a trade secret theft defense attorney can argue that the intellectual property stolen was not actually a secret, because the company did not take steps to protect it or it was already common knowledge. One final strategy is to argue that knowledge of the trade secret was acquired through reverse engineering, which is not illegal.

Choosing Your Southern California Trade Secret Theft Defense Lawyer

A conviction for trade secret theft can have a disastrous effect on your career, because future employers will not trust you. Fortunately, as your southern California criminal defense attorney Dan E Chambers can help. Dan will work tirelessly to ensure that every possible avenue is explored and that you have a solid and aggressive defense strategy in place.