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Southern California Vehicle Code Violations Defense Attorney

Are you facing charges for vehicle code violations? Get help from an expert vehicle code violations defense attorney now

The California Vehicle Code consists of over 1,000 pages of requirements and restrictions, covering everything from moving violations such as speeding to parking violations, accidents, DUI, license restrictions, registration requirements, unsafe loads, and vehicle equipment. It is no surprise that the average California driver is familiar with only a small fraction of the possible California vehicle code violations. If you are ticketed for a violation, involved an accident, or charged with a DUI, don’t just accept it. Instead, contact an expert Southern California vehicle code violations defense lawyer to investigate the claim against you and prepare a legal defense.

Penalties for Vehicle Code Violations

The exact penalty you may face for a vehicle code violation depends on the nature of the offense. Some violations result in jail time and the impounding of the vehicle, while most violations are punished by a simple fine. However these fines can range from a few bucks to thousands of dollars depending on the offense. For many people, the most worrisome aspect of vehicle code violations is the possibility of getting points on their drivers license. Points can raise car insurance premiums and, if enough points are accumulated, the drivers license may be suspended or revoked. Your criminal defense lawyer can explain the details of the points system to you.

Possible Legal Defenses

The strategy adopted by a vehicle code violations defense attorney will obviously vary according to the offense in question. For example, an attorney could defend against a charge of forging a registration sticker by arguing that you purchased your used car with the sticker already on it and were unaware of the forgery. In a hit & run or vehicular manslaughter case, an attorney could argue that you were not driving the vehicle at the time, that you did not realize an accident had occurred, or that you were not aware that any damage or injuries had taken place though you made a good faith effort to check.

Choosing Your Southern California Vehicle Code Violations Defense Lawyer

Because Californians depend on our cars so heavily, you definitely don’t want to risk getting points on your license or losing your driving privileges, not to mention serving jail time or paying a huge fine. That’s why you should not face your charges alone but instead enlist the help of an expert Southern California criminal defense attorney like Dan E Chambers. Dan will give your case the time and attention it deserves and build a solid legal defense for you.