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You Have Found the Best Criminal Attorney in Chino Hills CA – Learn Why

November 14, 2019

You Have Found the Best Criminal Attorney in Chino Hills CA – Learn Why

As you search for the right criminal defense attorney in Chino Hills CA, you will have many things to consider. At Chambers Law Firm, we are confident that you will not find a better option. However, we know that you need to consider your options. While you do so, keep reading to learn some of the reasons we are so confident in the fact that we are the right choice. When you are ready to speak to an attorney, contact us at 855-397-0210.

Dan E. Chambers Has More than 25 Years in This Industry

One of the most important reasons you should choose Chambers Law Firm as your criminal attorney in Chino Hills CA is because of his long history as an attorney. In fact, he has been in practice for 25 years and in that time has tried more than 120 cases to jury verdicts. Before working as a defense attorney, he served as an L.A. County Deputy District Attorney for seven years. There he handled serious felony cases. He knows the angle both of other defense attorneys and the prosecutors he once worked with.

Dan E. Chambers Has Handled Highly Complex Cases

Not only is Chambers Law Firm familiar with litigation – Attorney Chambers is highly experienced in complex litigation. Even if you think your case is simple and does not require the best criminal attorney in Chino Hills CA, we strongly recommend choosing the best attorney you can find. These charges can start small and turn into something very serious before you know it. Work with the best attorney from day one.

Dan E. Chambers Has Unique Insight into the Criminal Justice System

No matter what charge you are facing, you can count on the fact that Attorney Chambers has unique insight into your case. With a long list of charges he’s defended, including high-stakes felony cases such as three-strikes cases, murder, and others, he knows how to look at any case to find the defense options that may not be immediately apparent.

Contact a Criminal Attorney in Chino Hills CA

Your next move is to contact an experienced criminal attorney in Chino Hills CA. At Chambers Law Firm, you will receive a free consultation. We can discuss the basics of your case and let you know which defense options may be the best for your particular case. Call us at 855-397-0210 now to get started. You are not alone and there is help for you.

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