Your Past Criminal Record Could Have a Significant Impact on Your Current Criminal Charges

Your Past Criminal Record Could Have a Significant Impact on Your Current Criminal Charges

If you’re facing criminal charges and have a criminal record, you’re probably not shocked to find that your previous convictions will have an impact on your present case. However, the specifics concerning how your past might affect your future may surprise you.

Regardless of any previous indiscretions on your side, we work hard at Chambers Law Firm to obtain you the fair treatment you deserve. Read on to find out how previous criminal convictions may influence your case, and then call us at 714-760-4088 to schedule a free legal consultation.

Before the trial begins, your criminal history may have an impact on you

Your criminal past may already be impacting you before you even go to trial – before you are even arrested. Any previous convictions will be visible to the police and prosecutors as they develop a case against you. If you have a prior assault conviction, they may presume you are guilty of domestic abuse.

Your criminal past will also be taken into account while deciding whether or not to offer you a plea deal. You can expect your criminal past to be important when the prosecution determines how to prosecute you. This is especially true in situations involving the Three Strikes Law, but even small offenses like petty theft are more likely to be prosecuted harshly when a person has a criminal record.

During a trial, your criminal history should not be brought up

You may be concerned that if your case gets to trial, the jury will presume you are guilty just because you have a criminal record. The good news is that the law takes this into consideration, and in most situations, prior criminal activity is not admissible as proof of guilt. There are certain exceptions, such as if you opt to testify and the prosecutor uses your previous convictions to suggest you are untrustworthy. Of course, you are not obligated to testify, and we will almost certainly advise you not to.

Your sentence will most likely be based on previous convictions

When deciding on a sentence, the court is likely to take into account your previous convictions. A recurrent criminal, according to the law, is more deserving of heavy punishment and will receive it. When you choose Chambers Law Firm as your attorney, you can depend on us to work relentlessly to persuade the court to impose the most merciful sentence possible and to comprehend the facts surrounding your previous conviction.

The right lawyer can help you overcome the consequences of your criminal record

One of the many reasons you need an experienced criminal defense attorney is so that we can work to guarantee that you have a fair trial and that your previous convictions aren’t given any more weight than they should be. If you have been charged with a crime, whether it is your first or twentieth, call Chambers Law Firm right away for a free legal consultation.

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