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We Specialize In High Stakes Felonies That Carry A Potential Life Sentence

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The founder of Chambers Law Firm, Dan E. Chambers, has been in practice for has been in practice for nearly 30 years, and has tried over 150 cases to jury verdict. Previously, he served as a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney for nearly seven years. While at the district attorney’s office, he handled primarily serious felony cases. He then went in to private practice at various law firms for approximately 15 years, handling a wide range of highly complex litigation matters. Dan then left to open his own criminal defense practice and now devotes his time exclusively to criminal defense and the protection of those accused of crimes. Although Dan defends individuals and businesses in all types of criminal and administrative cases, in both federal and state court throughout California, he specializes in high-stakes felony cases that involve potential life sentences, the death penalty, three-strikes punishment and other serious felonies. As a former prosecutor, Dan has unique insight into the criminal justice system that enables him to provide his clients with quality representation for charges ranging from homicide, kidnapping, sex crimes, and other serious felonies to drug, DUI, theft, domestic violence, and other felonies and misdemeanors.

Practice Areas

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Sex Crimes

Have you been accused of a sex crime? We will fight to defend your rights and your reputation.[Read more]

Vehicular Manslaughter

Some accidents are just that—accidents. Don’t risk being unfairly punished. Call Chambers Law Firm.[Read more]

Elder Abuse

Don’t let an elder abuse allegation ruin your career or your relationships. We can defend your rights.[Read more]

Drug Crimes

Many drug crimes are punished very harshly. We can protect you as your drug crime defense attorney.[Read more]


Whether you are accused of shoplifting, grand theft auto or a complicated embezzlement or fraud charge, you deserve the best defense attorney.[Read more]


Failed your blood or breath test? Don’t give up! We know the best strategies for DUI defense.[Read more]

Assault & Battery

Accused of hurting or attempting to hurt someone? Let us help you build a strong defense.[Read more]

Weapon Charges

California’s weapon laws are complicated and confusing. We can explain your rights and options.[Read more]


California has very harsh stalking laws. You need an aggressive attorney like us to fight back.[Read more]

Meet Chambers Law Firm

Award winning criminal defense attorney Dan Chambers and his staff have a real passion for making a difference in their clients' lives.
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Case Results

We Fight To Win

Chambers Law Firm Frees Client Who Spent 16 Years in Prison
On October 8, 2020, Chambers Law Firm client Luis Beltrán walked out of prison after serving nearly 16 years on a murder sentence. After over a year of litigation, Chambers Law Firm secured Mr. Beltran’s release after the judge granted his SB1437 petition.

Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse
Our client was a psychiatric technician at a state mental hospital and was charged with beating a patient. Through aggressive cross-examination of the prosecution’s witnesses, exhaustive pretrial discovery and investigation and multiple motions to gather additional evidence, a jury found the defendant not guilty on all charges.

Animal Cruelty
Our client was charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty involving a horse. The case was being handled in a courthouse that covered an area with many horse and farm animal owners. Chambers Law Firm was able to get an attractive offer to resolve the case but our client wanted to have his day in the court. Through careful analysis of the police reports and related photographs of the alleged abuse, as well as devastating cross-examination of the key animal control officers, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty on all charges after a tough two-week trial.

Our client was charged 18 felony counts of fraud, identity theft and forgery. She was facing over 14 years of jail time. Chambers Law Firm took the case over from another law firm and went to work investigating the signatures on the various checks and conducted a conditional examination of the alleged victim. Through effective cross-examination and impeachment of the alleged victim, we were able to show that the victim had little credibility and had lied about key parts of her testimony. The client plead to one misdemeanor offense and did no jail time. All felony charges were dropped.

Client was charged with murdering another person in a liquor store parking lot, and was facing a potential life sentence. Through exhaustive private investigation and use of social media postings, Chambers Law Firm was able to resolve the case for reduced charges that resulted in just a few years in custody for the client.

Attempted Murder (Multiple Counts)
Client was alleged to have shot at several people outside a restaurant in Hollywood and was an alleged gang member. Chambers Law Firm used forensic techniques to enhance surveillance video of the restaurant, social media sources, phone records and crime scene photos and private investigation to convince the district attorney to drop the case against the client.

Attempted Murder
Client was alleged to have been the driver during a drive-by shooting. Client had a lengthy prior record and was an alleged gang member. Client was facing a potential life sentence Chambers Law Firm used focused private investigation to convince the district attorney to resolve the case against the client for approximately 9 years in custody.

Witness Intimidation/Criminal Threats/Domestic Violence
The client was facing two felonies (both strikes under California’s Three Strikes Law) related to an incident that took place at client’s apartment with client’s spouse. Chambers Law Firm used pretrial investigation, careful analysis of the 911 call and cross-examination of the alleged victim to hang the jury 8-4 in favor of not guilty. The judge eventually dismissed all charges against the client.

Financial Elder Abuse
Client hired Chambers Law Firm while client was being investigated for multiple counts of elder and financial abuse. After over 2 years of investigation and close work with law enforcement to convince law enforcement that there was no basis to the charges being investigated. The investigation was eventually closed and no charges were filed.
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Client Testimonials

I have known Dan for 6 years. Following Court appointment as the Receiver of an operating business, I hired Dan to provide legal counsel to me during the receivership. Dan was very responsive and gave me excellent advice which helped create a very successful outcome for the parties. Since then, I have referred Dan in to 2 other clients who have been very happy with his advice and services. I highly recommend him.


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