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At both the state and federal level, officials take a very hard line against gangs and other criminal enterprises. This means they are likely to investigate and prosecute suspected gang crimes very aggressively. In order to ensure your rights are protected and to give yourself the best possible chance of avoiding any undeserved or unduly harsh punishment, you absolutely need an experienced gang crimes defense attorney such as Chambers Law Firm on your side.

What You Need to Know About Charges for Gang Crimes

Committing a felony on behalf of a gang can subject you to harsh penalties in three main ways.

First of all, you will face charges for the crime you committed for the gang.

Second, you will face sentencing enhancements, either under the California STEP Act or the Federal “Criminal Street Gangs” statute. Depending on the type of felony you are accused of you could face an additional 10 years of jail time under the federal law and anywhere from 2 to 25 to life under STEP.

Third, you may face separate charges for your gang participation under one of the following laws:

  • California STEP Act: You can be sentenced to an additional 1 to 3 years—above and beyond any other sentencing enhancements—for participating in a gang and assisting with felonies.
  • California Control of Profits of Organized Crime: If you commit two or more felonies for financial gain, you can be forced to forfeit your profits under this act.
  • RICO Act: The RICO Act applies to individuals who have committed or conspired to commit two or more RICO crimes for a criminal enterprise or street gang. A conviction brings up to 20 years or, in some cases, life in prison, plus fines of up to $250,000.
  • VICAR Act: Committing a violent crime as a gang initiation or as a means of rising in a criminal organization can result in up to 30 years in prison and fines of up to $250,000. If the crime was murder, life in prison or the death penalty may apply.
  • Kingpin Statute: You can be prosecuted under this federal statute if you are a leader of a drug enterprise or you kill someone while engaging in or avoiding arrest for certain drug-related offenses. Penalties include life in prison or the death penalty and up to $4,000,000 in fines.

Since all these charges can apply separately and consecutively, you will end up facing extremely harsh penalties that are far more severe than what a non-gang member would face. You need a gang crimes attorney who understands the law and can help ensure you are treated fairly.

Featured Case Result

Gang Crimes

The client was charged with kidnapping, assault with a firearm, and other felony charges that could have resulted in a sentence of 55 years to life in prison. The Client was accused of using a “human shield” to shoot at a rival gang member in a busy intersection in the middle of Los Angeles. Chambers Law Firm took the case over shortly before trial and methodically built a defense, destroyed the credibility of the alleged victim’s story and the investigation by law enforcement, and obtained not guilty verdicts on all of the most serious charges. The client served only a few months in custody for a vandalism charge and was released.

Trust Chambers Law Firm for an Aggressive Defense

No matter what kind of gang crime you may be accused of, you can rely on Chambers Law Firm for an aggressive and comprehensive defense that addresses all the charges you face.  Gang crimes and their associated penalties are complex statutes with many legal elements.

The first task we will tackle as your gang crimes defense attorney is trying to prove that you are innocent of the felony you allegedly committed on behalf of the gang. We have experience in all kinds of common gang crimes including drug crimes, violent crimes, theft crimes, and more.

Even if it is not possible to disprove the felony charges against you, we can still work to protect you from harsh gang enhancements by arguing that your actions were not motivated by any gang affiliation or desire for gang affiliation, or that your “gang” does not actually meet the legal definition of such an organization.

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We hired Dan Chambers upon referral from a friend to handle a very difficult case for a family member. During trial, I was able to see Dan is knowledgeable, has great experience, is very detailed, charismatic and most importantly, a great human being. He fought the case of our loved one with so much passion as if it was his own family. Dan's dedication and preparation for trial goes beyond the extra mile, his performance during trial, amazing. Dan's moral support relieved me and my family during the jury deliberation process. My respect and admiration for Dan is unmesurable. Our family will be forever thankful to Dan who fought a life sentence case to several years. I highly recommend Dan.

Karmin Lo

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