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How Mothers Struggling with Addiction Could Be Charged with Murder

January 17, 2020
Moms whose babies are born stillborn may face criminal charges. One of the most challenging things that an expectant mother may face is the loss of her baby. Stillbirth occurs when an infant dies in the womb after 28 weeks of pregnancy. This can be incredibly difficult for any parent — and may become even…
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California to Permit Former Felons to Serve on Juries

January 15, 2020
The law goes into effect in January 2020. In California, individuals who have a felony criminal record are allowed to vote. Yet up until December 31, 2019, those same people could not serve on a jury. A new law will change this inequity, allowing people with felony criminal records to serve on juries. The law…
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Will California Raise the Age for Its Juvenile Justice System?

January 14, 2020
The state’s probation officers are advocating for change. In California, when a person under the age of 18 is accused of committing a crime, the case is typically handled through the juvenile justice system (with some exceptions for serious or violent felonies). This system has a different focus than the adult criminal justice system, with…
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Sex Crimes–What is a “CSAAS” Expert?

In many cases involving sexual molestation or other sex crimes involving children, it is common for the prosecution (and sometimes the defense) to call a Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome ("CSAAS") expert. This expert, typically a psychiatrist or psychologist, seeks to provide insight to the jury concerning why children are reluctant to disclose sexual abuse and how children attempt to Continue Reading