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How to Defend Against Nursing Home Abuse Charges

August 17, 2019
California law permits charges to be brought against a range of individuals. Elder abuse is unfortunately a common problem in California. It can take many forms, from physical abuse to neglect and endangerment to sexual assault or abuse to emotional abuse to financial exploitation. In California, elder abuse is against the law. If an elder…
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Defending Against California Elder Abuse Charges

August 15, 2019
Understanding the elements of the crime is key to defending against these charges As our population ages, more Americans than ever before are making the difficult choice to arrange care for our parents and grandparents. This may mean nursing homes, residential care centers, in-home care, or even taking care of our older relatives ourselves. These…
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When Can You Be Charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia in California?

August 13, 2019
There are exceptions for certain items until 2021. In California, it is illegal to possess controlled substances. This includes any drug (other than marijuana) that is considered a controlled substance by the United States government, such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and opiates. It also includes certain prescription drugs without a legal prescription, such as vicodin,…
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Is Lack of Possession a Defense to a California Drug Possession Charge?

August 11, 2019
If you didn’t not actually possess drugs, you may be able to have the charge dismissed Although California law has relaxed significantly in recent years in relation to marijuana, the state is still tough on crime when it comes to other controlled substances. Under California law, it is a crime to possess controlled substances, as…
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Sex Crimes–What is a “CSAAS” Expert?

In many cases involving sexual molestation or other sex crimes involving children, it is common for the prosecution (and sometimes the defense) to call a Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome ("CSAAS") expert. This expert, typically a psychiatrist or psychologist, seeks to provide insight to the jury concerning why children are reluctant to disclose sexual abuse and how children attempt to Continue Reading