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7 Ways a Murder Can Be Charged as a Federal Crime

June 24, 2019

7 Ways a Murder Can Be Charged as a Federal Crime

In most cases, a homicide committed in the state of California will be charged in California. However, there are limited instances in which a murder will be charged as a federal crime. No matter how it is charged, Chambers Law Firm can help you. Contact our offices now at 855-397-0210 and we can get started. In the meantime, read on to learn about the seven instances in which a murder can be charged as a federal crime.

  1. The Victim is a Federal Judge or Federal Law Enforcement Official
  2. If the victim of the murder is a federal judge or federal law enforcement officials as those who work for the FBI, TSA, ATF, or other bureaus, then it can be charged as a federal crime.

  3. The Victim Was an Immediate Family Member of a Federal Law Enforcement Official
  4. This law is set up to protect the family members of law enforcement officials from threats made against them. If the family member of a federal law enforcement official was killed due to their relationship with the federal law enforcement official, then it can be charged as a felony.

  5. The Victim Was an Elected Official or Appointed Federal Official
  6. This can include the President of the United States as well as members of congress or the senate. It also includes elected officials that have not yet taken office.

  7. The Murder Occurred During a Bank Robbery
  8. If a person is robbing a bank and anyone dies during the commission of said robbery, then they can be charged with a federal crime. This includes any murder throughout the course of the robbery and can cover any victim from the staff to customers to a security guard.

  9. The Murder Happened on a Ship
  10. xWhile this law can technically cover any murder on a ship, generally speaking the federal government will only file charges in the event of piracy, taking a boat by force, or a serious threat of force on a ship at sea.

  11. The Murder Was Intended to Influence a Court Case
  12. This includes murdering a witness in a criminal case as well as a court officer, juror, or judge. This can apply to an active case or a case that is up for appeal.

  13. The Murder Took Place on Federal Property
  14. This includes national parks, Native American reservations, and other federal lands.

We Can Help with Your Charges Whether They Are State or Federal

The good news about working with Chambers Law Firm is that we can help you either way. Whether you are facing state charges or federal charges, we are here to help. Contact our offices at 855-397-0210 now to request a free legal consultation and find out what your options are.

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